The Wonderful World of Bubbles

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The Wonderful World of Bubbles

Postby Dustin Stinett » October 16th, 2005, 12:23 pm

Quite some time ago, I received a DVD for review by Enrico Pezzoli and his bubble magic. Due to space restraintsbrought on by my penchant to overwriteit didn't make it into Genii.

Mr. Pezzoli recently emailed me concerned that it didn't make it perhaps because I didn't like it. Well, that's not the case at all. I enjoyed the DVD; though I am not a bubble expert by any means (I'm certain there is more to find out there via the work of Finn Jon and Lossander). So, I am posting here the review as I wrote it back in May.


Welcome to the World of Bubbles: Enrico and Dace Pezzoli: $39.50

And now for something completely different. Python, Monty C. 1970

Soap bubbles: Who doesnt love soap bubbles? What kid, of any generation (including todays modern and sophisticated group), hasnt either bought or made that wondrous solution of water and dish soap and blown bubbles? Maybe thats whats so great about them: just about everybody can relate. But soap bubbles and magic? Yeah, right. Well, I was recently told that There is a great tradition of bubbles in magic! Uh-huh, okay, Ill bite, I said. So I viewed this DVD by Enrico Pezzoli from Riga, Latvia and you know what? I caught myself smiling; several times. What we have here is a nice overview of almost everything youd want to know about bubbles but would never think to ask. It is meant for someone who has very little or no experience with using soap bubbles for entertainment purposes, but wants to add it to their stable of novelties.

English is not Mr. Pezzolis first language, but he does an admirable job and is easy to understand. He starts with the all important formulacommercial and homemade. He recommends making your own since it will be quite a bit less expensive than the commercial alternatives, and it is here where his lack of command of English causes an error that could prove problematic. He says dishwasher soap when actually referring to dishwashing soap. There is a major chemical difference between the two. One would not want to use a liquid dishwasher detergent. Many contain caustic chemicals that could prove dangerous and probably wouldnt work anyway. Stick with good old fashioned liquid dishwashing soap and you cant go wrong. He does recommend two brands readily available just about anywhere in the world. (I think anybody watching this video would understand what he meant, but I just want to make it absolutely clearconsider it a public service announcement.) He provides a comprehensive breakdown of the three-part formula (and you thought it was just soap and waterHAH!) and how best to store the solution when not in use. He next gets into the various commercially available tools (rings and tubes) and teaches you how to make your own as well. He also discusses the various pans and containers to use, depending on the size and types of bubbles you want to make. He briefly shows various fake bubbles (glass and plastic balls and globes) and their possible uses. So, are we ready to make some bubbles? Nope, sorryyou need a special table with a clear top and colored lights and he shows you how to make one of those as well. Colored lights are important to bubble work, so he chats on this a bit as well. You also need to be aware of the type of material is best used for clothing, in particular gloves, that are conducive to bouncing bubbles versus popping them. There is some serious stuff going on in the wonderful world of bubbles, believe me!

Finally we are ready to have a look at some of the various effects one can do with soap bubbles. In my opinion, this is the weakest aspect of the video: I would have liked to see more performance video than is shown. Unfortunately there is but a few moments shown of Mr. Pezzolis act, which he performs with his wife, Dace during the introduction of the disk. (Mrs. Pezzoli is also a professional Princess Diana look-alike, but unfortunately this brief glimpse is the only appearance she makes on this DVD.) Throughout the video, he merely demonstrates some of the things you can do. I certainly wouldnt go so far as to say he teaches you how to do these things. You must learn via his demonstrations and your own experimentation. For example, I dont know about you, but I have no clue how much solution is needed or hard to blow through a one-inch tube to create a bubble-dome on a flat surface, and he doesnt give us any hintbut Im sure well learn quickly via trial and error. But he does demonstrate several different things one can do with bubbles. Another little warning here: there appears to be only one way to get smoke inside a soap bubble and it involves cigarettes and your mouthsomething you may need to take into consideration. (Besides the health considerations, here in California lighting a cigarette in a public building will lead to a fine as well as being glared at disapprovingly by a mob of soccer-moms.) He discusses the use of invisible thread, but only to a point, referring you instead to the work of Finn Jon and Losander for your bubble levitation needs (an effect he apparently doesnt care for in any case). There is also a discussion on several commercially available bubble-making machines: from toys to higher-end theatrical equipment. At the end of the video he talks about some development ideas for magic tricks that have occurred to him, but that he has never fully investigated. He leaves it to you and your imagination to take these ideas and run with them.

I enjoyed this DVD and if bubbles might be something that would fit your circumstances, by all means this is a great place to start. Unfortunately, this DVD did not load in my El-Cheapo brand DVD player. It did load and play well in my PC, so players able to play multi-region DVDs will probably not have any issues. The Pezzolis have a website ( which is for their bubble show Bubble Opera, however the DVD is not sold through that site as this goes to press. An email note from Mr. Pezzoli confirmed a price of US$39.50 including postage. Sales are currently direct from them. For more information, contact them via their email address:


Re: The Wonderful World of Bubbles

Postby Guest » June 17th, 2006, 7:29 pm


The time for "bubbles" may be right. Lucy, my wife, has used them in her show sometimes instead of smoke. In her Sword Basket act she uses them like one would expect a Genii in a Bottle would to appear and disappear.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander


Re: The Wonderful World of Bubbles

Postby Guest » June 20th, 2006, 3:15 pm

Just a month ago, I entered a close up contest for the IBM Ring 192 in Sacramento, CA. Half of my act delt with the production and manipulation of bubbles. Apparently the audience liked it well enough to vote me into 3rd place out of 10 people. Part of my work, I utilized a comercial effect and part of it was by my own design. I find this intreging that somebody has made a DVD using bubbles. Thank you for posting your review. Leland Eiben

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Re: The Wonderful World of Bubbles

Postby David Scollnik » July 17th, 2006, 8:55 pm

On a popular science television show last week, I learned that some fellow has discovered how to make coloured soap bubbles. Apparently, this is far harder to do than one might think. See this link for more information: ... drcrd.html

I don't know if he is marketing these coloured bubbles yet, but they may be something for bubble enthusiasts to look into.

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