Showmanship-Blackstone Jr

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Showmanship-Blackstone Jr

Postby Steve Vaught » November 6th, 2010, 3:31 am

Mr. Burger,

I was going to email you, but my thoughts may be better served on the open forum. You may not remember me-it's been several years now-but, we had a nice dinner in Chicago on a cold Tuesday night discussing magic. Your book is a strong part of my working repertoire.

I want to thank you so much for pulling out this interview. I'm surprised no one has commented on it yet...or maybe they have in another section. There is so much wisdom and life lessons in what Mr. Blackstone has said here.

Just to highlight a few:
1. When Mr. Blackstone made the distinction between being a communicator or a presnter. I looked at my own show and asked, am I a communicator or a presenter for this routine? I like the idea of starting off my show as a presenter. I believe the audience wants to know what I'm bringing to the table...and quickly!
But then, as mentioned, break that 4th wall by being affable. Touch your audience! ...'that's what she said' ...sorry

2.How about this one:
"You have to have a clear understanding of what your limitations are before you can expand on what your strengths are." WOW!!! You could just take that and be busy for the next year!!! I've experienced stepping out of my element before. It did not feel good.

3. I'll mention just one more nugget:
p.22 "...I've depended on key individuals." OK so you say your a one man show, so be it. But please don't tell me your creating and designing your show 'as an island unto yourself.' Who are the key people in your life that are influencing how your show is developed. Are you cultivating those relationships? Let's humbly look to a giant in our field and say yes I will cultivate that area.

So that's just a few things I wanted to write out of many.

Thanks again Mr. Burger for sharing this interview with us. It's so valuable!

Steve V (the other one)

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