Not just talking to herself?

Discussions of new films, books, television shows, and media indirectly related to magic and magicians. For example, there may be a book on mnemonics or theatrical technique we should know or at least know about.
Jonathan Townsend
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Not just talking to herself?

Postby Jonathan Townsend » October 29th, 2010, 8:40 am

Seems we have a Zelig moment where a person talking on a cell phone wanders into frame during the filming of the premier of Chaplin's film The Circus.

Now that's the sort of thing we can have fun with.

Got any old footage you'd like to put predictions etc into?

Pete McCabe
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Re: Not just talking to herself?

Postby Pete McCabe » October 29th, 2010, 10:15 am

Just for the record, it's almost certainly a hearing aid from the period.

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