David Regal's Book Reviews

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Sam Kesler
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David Regal's Book Reviews

Postby Sam Kesler » March 24th, 2005, 1:06 pm

Well, since I didn't want to give Dustin more of a big head (but I kid!) I thought I'd pass around the praise.

I wanted to publicly thank David for his reviews of "The Dave Campbell Legacy" (Peter Duffie, International Magic, 2004) and "The Ostrich Factor- A Practice Guide for Magicians by Gerald Edmundson" (G. Edmundson, 2004). I keep up pretty well with the latest magic books (take a look at my deficient bank account!) but these two wonderful books would've, in all likelihood, slipped by my legerdemain radar screen (doesn't every magician have one?. And that would've been a shame, too.

I've only begun to dip into the joys of the close-up magic of the late Mr. Campbell, but I was overjoyed to find (as David mentioned) his take on the wonderful Premonition plot (Dave's Premonition). It gets even better with the non-stacked version (Simplex Premonition) that plays about as well, and it's impromptu (after a minor set-up).

The book is 431 pages of fun printed on slick paper (it's heavy!). And don't let ordering from England deter you. I made my first internet purchase from International Magic in London and I got the blessed book (plus "Ahead of the Pack" by Jack Avis and Lewis Jones;see David's review Genii, December 2002, page 89)in FIVE DAYS! I only wish they could've included a photo of Mr. Campbell.

And what a good read "The Ostrich Factor" is. David's right-it's a book of practical and useful information to make us better magicians. Topics include image, using storyboards, attention control, misdirection, planning the movements, patter, rule of thirds, and how to practice properly (including a clever acronym of p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e, but I ain't gonna tell you here-buy the book!).

There's a lot of wise and useful information from a full-time professional magician in this book.
And Mr. Edmundson is a nice guy, too. He included a personal note and congratulated me on becoming a recent member of the Magic Castle. He even autographed a copy of my book,too.

Thanks again, David. Thanks for being there for us. And thanks to Genii, too. ;)

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Re: David Regal's Book Reviews

Postby Gerald » April 21st, 2005, 3:58 am

Thank you for the comments, Sam. I'm glad you like The Ostrich Factor. I hope it helps to make your practice and rehearsal more productive.

For those who might be interested in the book, you can read detailed reviews at:

Thanks again,


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Steve Bryant
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Re: David Regal's Book Reviews

Postby Steve Bryant » April 22nd, 2005, 9:21 pm

Sam Kesler wrote:

I only wish they could've included a photo of Mr. Campbell.

I can sort of oblige (early photo). Check Little Egypt Magic for April.

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