Requesting Questions for Interviewing Dad

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Requesting Questions for Interviewing Dad

Postby mai-ling » October 12th, 2010, 10:52 pm

Greetings all...

Last Thursday, I took dad out to Elmhurst at the
Historical Museum where the Chicago Magic Tour
Exhibit is held. Took two hours and interviewed
dad in front of his display.

I felt it was the perfect back drop instead of
being at home in a recliner with a boring wall.
Take advantage of the exhibit right?

We talked about many things including::

Being on the Blackstone & Dante Show
and how it came about

Being Friends with:
Okito, kuma tubes and his robes

Jack Gwynne, World's Fair, Chinese Opera Scenery

Dr. Tarbell and being in Volume 6
(then talking about seeing the effect performed by Criss Angel on Mindfreak)

George Johnstone and talking about the first comedy-magic duo Johnstone & O'Rouke

Working at Ireland Magic, Magic, Inc., Ed Miller's shop

Jay Marshall, Frances Ireland, Ed Miller

Building Illusions and inventing effects and Illusions
including "The Travel" as talked about in Jim Steinmeyer's
"Technique & Understanding"

The Light Bulb Cabinet
(all eight and Orson Wells)

The first motorized Levitation

The first to color doves in primary colours

building the miniature illusions

and more...

I plan to go back again to do another one and
touch on other topics and go more indepth on specific

Like combining fishing and magic.

But while I'm at it, I'd thought I throw out the options
for others to ask questions they would like to know.

This is part of my ongoing book project and wanted to
do something different and interactive.

And would like to include others to part take if they like.

Feel free to PM, email, snail mail, phone or reply
with your questions.

The lines of communication are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Thank you.

you will remember my name
world's youngest illusionista

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