$200 reduced to $75 for super quick sale! Kennedy/Platt/Knight

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$200 reduced to $75 for super quick sale! Kennedy/Platt/Knight

Postby rmecsw » September 20th, 2010, 9:05 pm

Three for the Recession Price Of $75 Including Shipping!!!!

The PLATT PAD- The ultimate mentalists (and magicians) device The PLATT PAD gives you the power to perform mentalism and magic that is so clean, so pure, there is absolutely nowhere for your spectators minds to go.Opened, but never used.retails for $99

Devin Knight's Word Sight

Imagine revealing two freely thought-of words from across the room using an ungimmicked dictionary! Imagine doing this 15 feet away and never touching the dictionary during the presentation.
Devin Knight's Word Sight allows you to reveal two words, sight unseen, that are freely chosen from word lists containing hundreds of words. There are no duplicate words in the lists. No special dictionary or certain edition is required. The four page re-stickable word lists can be placed inside the covers of any dictionary, even a borrowed one
Each of two spectators thinks of a word on the lists, looks up the meaning, and concentrates on the word. You pick up a notepad and without saying anything, you write two words, tear-off the paper and place it writing down on the table. You never touch the paper again. The participants reveal the words they are thinking of, one of them picks up the paper, and there written in bold letters are the same two words.
This can also be done using only one participant who thinks of two words and you reveal them both without asking any questions.
There are no forces, limitations, dual reality, or pre-show work of any kind. The spectators have free choices of hundreds of words! There are no verbal clues; you use only your eyes. The participants never write anything. The spectators tell you nothing!
Nothing is used but the dictionary with the word lists pasted to the inside covers and a notepad for writing the two thought-of words. The thought-of words can be revealed even if the borrowed dictionary is a cheap one that does not have the words in it.
No secret writing of any kind
No anagrams
No fishing of any kind
No gimmicks
This effect can be adapted to work with any dictionary in any language. The directions give full details on how to use a dictionary from your own country that is not in English.
Comes with the needed re-stickable Enrich Your Word Power lists that can be stuck to to the inside covers of any dictionary. Complete with full directions, performance script, and information on how to adapt the effect to any language using any dictionary from any country.Brand New, Never used.retails for $39. your price $25, shipping included.

You're in a coffee shop, relaxing with friends and sipping your favorite cup of joe. You're waiting until the moment is just right for some...

MOJOE! "Watch," you say as you hold the coffee cup between your hands. Suddenly you turn it upside down and then crush it!

Total shock and fear ensue as everyone tries to escape the eruption of hot liquid. Moments later, in a stunned condition, they realize that the coffee has completely disappeared and that they have been very, very badly fooled!

With MOJOE you can make coffee vanish or even change into something else, like coffee beans! It works with paper cups (like Starbucks coffee cups) and also ceramic cups. MOJOE also works with different drinks like Coke, milk, etc.

MOJOE sets up in seconds and the durable gimmick lasts for years! You will receive the revolutionary MOJOE gimmick along with a DVD video teaching John Kennedy's favorite vanishes and changes.

BONUS: You'll also be able to sample a fine roast of Gregory Wilson's brilliant presentation for MOJOE - it's included! retails for $59

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Re: $200 reduced to $75 for super quick sale! Kennedy/Platt/Knight

Postby rmecsw » September 24th, 2010, 7:51 pm

Platt Pad has been sold.

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