Giorgio on Freak Shows

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Giorgio on Freak Shows

Postby Steve Walker » October 12th, 2002, 8:41 pm

I just read Tony Giorgio's Intermission-The Giorgio Letters page 70-71 in September Genii and by co-incidence was playing in the background the latest Mark Knopfler CD "The Ragpickers Dream".
The inspiration for the second track on the album could have come from reading the Giorgio article.
The Track is called "Devil Baby" and contrasts the old Freak Shows with a "Talker" and a "Tip" off the "Midway" with the modern equivalent the Jerry Springer Show, much as Giorgio concluded that past and present we continue to be facinated by the unusual,the mysterious and the macabre.
The song has many references to the "Ballyhoo" The pig-faced man,the monkey girl, the man with the alligator skin, the devil baby and the nuts and Geeks.Its a great song [and Album]


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