Collaberate with magicians from all around the world!

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Collaberate with magicians from all around the world!

Postby weapon » July 8th, 2010, 10:51 am

A good friend of mine is opening a FREE website community to all magicians, mentalists. called: Today is the SOFT LAUNCH! This site will allow artists from all around the world to session with each other via, Webcam sessions, Chatrooms sessions and of course Forums!

The goal here is to try to revolutionize the way our artists in our art form connect and collaborate. Imagine if you will sessioning and exchanging ideas and thoughts with a magician on the other side of the world through the internet live! awesome huh?.. well that will be included in our WebCam Session Feature.

We will also have some unique forum feature such as "The Laymen's View" Here we will post up reviews by various laymen and really see what they think about your favorite effect. The laymen are of course are non magicians and are chosen by at random. no methods will be exposed to them. If members have a product or effect that they would like reviewed by one of our laymen, requests will be taken.

and there is a lot more features to come..
whats great is that we are open to ideas from you, the magicians, on how we can customize to fit your needs!

After this gets posted, the giveaways will look like this!

1st person to sign up wins 1 deck of brown Wynn playing cards.

next 5 will receive 1 deck of red backed Watermelon Bee playing cards

following 10 will receive 1 deck of rare Absolut Vodka playing cards.

all winners will have there prize mailed out asap!

Check it out at

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