WTB: Joe Riding; Jim Haviland; Magic Info

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WTB: Joe Riding; Jim Haviland; Magic Info

Postby espermachine » July 8th, 2010, 10:20 am

I'm chasing down any of the following publications, plus one VHS video. If these happen to be sitting around on your shelves, gathering dust, please shoot me a PM!

Joe Riding "Burnt and Restored Note Routine"
Joe Riding "You Win the Cigar"
Joe Riding "Cabaret Lecture Notes No.2"

Jim Haviland Davenports Lecture Video (I believe this was recorded sometime in the mid 1980s).

Magic Info (International Magic Studio's Magazine)

Jan/Feb 1982 (Volume 5. No. 6)
March/April 1982 (Volume 5. No. 7)



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