Mischief by Harling & Nyrup

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Mischief by Harling & Nyrup

Postby Spellbound » June 22nd, 2010, 9:16 am

Harling & Nyrup's new book, 'Mischief - Radical Hypnosis & Mind-Control', is now shipping to international distributors. It will become widely available shortly, and can be requested through your favorite local magic dealer.

Harling and Nyrup are authors of the bestselling books Sleight of Mind and Geist. Information about the new book will be regularly updated at the following website: www.sleightofmind.info.

About Mischief:

'Sleight of Mind' and 'Geist' were milestone titles for mentalists who have an interest in using NLP, suggestion and hypnosis in their performances. Now authors Martin Nyrup and Ian Harling have revised both books and combined them with a further 100 pages of additional material, making their new title 'Mischief' one of the industry's must-buys for 2010 and beyond.

Harling & Nyrup's writing is honest, entertaining and to the point, pulling no punches about what works and what does not in the world of psychological manipulation. An absolute goldmine of ideas on performance and the development of original material, containing over 25 original effects and hypnotic routines, complete with detailed scripting, 'Mischief' can not be missed.

'Mischief' also brings stage-craft into use in daily life, and it shows how to interact successfully with others - how to appear more likeable, confident and perceptive - on and off-stage, with remarkable ease.

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Re: Mischief by Harling & Nyrup

Postby Hellion » August 14th, 2010, 12:33 pm

I loved Sleight of Mind, possibly the best book on hypnosis I've read. The most truthful certainly. I got Mischief recently (as above, it's both Sleight of Mind and Geist together), I like it a lot. I'm glad to see that the hypnosis stuff has been broadened in it a good deal, the thinking is still clever and the scripting for all the hypnosis routines is second to none.

Considering that Sleight and Geist were something like 36 each plus PP, this is a bargain at the same cost as just one of those books. The book covers a lot of ground (gaffs, effects, NLP, hypnosis, and contains a hell of a lot of good information for the money.

Sleight (and McGill) gave me my start a long time ago, glad to see it's back in print via Mischief.


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