When Thurston Came to Town

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When Thurston Came to Town

Postby TomEwing0973 » May 10th, 2010, 12:27 pm

Some years ago I had the pleasure of booking Bill Rauscher for the Magic Collectors' Association weekend hosted by the Society of Osiris in Baltimore, Maryland. He gave a lecture called "When Thurston Came to Town," that generated the longest and most sustained applause of any MCA lecture to date, as well as a standing ovation. Well, after many years, his lecture has been expanded and broadened and has now been issued in DVD format by Rory Feldman, noted Thurston collector. All I can say is "Wow!" I admit up front that I've followed the development of this effort but had no idea until I saw the finished product what the result would be. From the packaging, souvenir booklet inside, DVD and everything else, Rory has created a product Thurston would have been proud of. The DVD contains never-before seen photos of Thurston, every known piece of archival film footage of Thurston, several examples of Thurston's voice including one from "beyond the grave." Jane Thurston sings "My Daddy is a Hocus Pocus Man," and best of all, Rory and Bill captured interviews with everyone in magic they could find who saw or were influenced by Thurston and several of them have now passed away. Forgive me for sounding like a pitchman, but if you love magic, the era of the big shows, and Thurston in particular, I recommend you get this DVD. This is not being offered through magic dealers but directly from Rory. In fact, he will have them at this week's MCA Weekend in Chicago. He also created a Thurston poster on quality stock which will also be available. Check this out. Rory's website is www.thurstonmastermagician.com.

Rory Feldman
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Re: When Thurston Came to Town

Postby Rory Feldman » June 30th, 2010, 12:59 am

Tom - Thank you very much for the very nice comments. Bill Rauscher & I are very proud of the "When Thurston Came To Town" DVD. We have gotten a truly positive response from many people that have seen the DVD.

These reviews/quotes can be seen here:


Thanks again Tom!
Rory Feldman




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