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Postby Dale Shrimpton » April 19th, 2010, 7:55 am

Tabula Mentis 7Cerebral Creations.

On one of the nicest days of the year so far, the last place you would usually want to be is indoors , in a small hall , in the middle of a city.

But this was not the case on Saturday 17th of April for me, or the other delegates who attended The recent Tabula Mentis meeting Cerebral Creations.Held at Dragon Halls, Near Covent Garden, in london

It was a day that promised to be special, right from the word go. With a lineup which included Banacheck, Colin McLeod, & Mark Elsdon, how could it not be?

Unfortunately Ramon Fauria couldnt make it.. Thanks to the ash. But instead we had a treat as Looch, Dan Baines of Lebanon Circle, and Mr Billet pencil himself, Christo talked about their approach to creating magic, and apparatus.
3 totally different approaches, yet all sharing common traits and ideals. A most fascinating round table.

Next , we had the first part of the star of the day, Steve Shaw.. aka Banacheck.
I have seen Steve lecture quite a few times, but this talk was easily the best yet.
He performed and explained his pocket writing techniques, and how this underused tool, is one of the strongest outs you can have. Drawing dupes, Q & A, The best blindfold routine out there.. and a whole host of other effects.

Next, after a break we had Colin McLeod. Colin (whose a lovely guy by the way) demonstrated his take on the under used tool Equivoque. I can hand on heart guarantee that this particular version is an absolute fooler, because at the Southshields convention, he bought me a beer, then absolutly fooled the ass off me with it.

He also taught a multi word prediction, and a brilliant lottery based number effect, that would make a perfect opener for any stage, or cabaret mentalism act.

These effects can all be found in his new books Lessons in reading minds, and Contributions which can be found on his web site. ... /Home.html

Mark Elsdon next stepped up to the plate, and demonstrated some of his more recent Miracles, including Rubik predicted, which is both easy to do, and strong to watch.

Then Banacheck returned to continue his lecturethon,( this session being well over 2 hours) with his classic PK Touches, and Fork Bends.

The beauty of Tabula Mentis events, is the free exchange of thoughts and ideas throughout the day. You know an event works when somebody like Banacheck admits to looking forward to getting home, so he can try out the new ideas he picked up from the day.
The formal day finished, with many friends old and new shaking hands, and bidding their fond farewells , with promises of meeting up in November (20th) for the next one.
And then the informal evening started at a local pub.
Worlds were put to rights, Brand new principles discussed, and I gather much Alcohol was consumed . I took the sensible route, and left early.( Bless.. Im getting old you know)
But Im told it was still going on 2am.
I should book a room next time. Clearly Im missing out on something here.

Anyways, Thanks as always go to Todd, Steve, Evie, Roni, and his lovely wife Loraine,( who can sure dunk a mean tea bag ).. for organizing this incredible event. And to all the good friends that attended, who make it a true pleasure to attend every time.

And Its all happening again November 20th, the Priory, Hitchin, Herts.

So shove the date in your diary, and wait for the news.

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