Three Belgian Style

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Three Belgian Style

Postby Conus » May 27th, 2003, 9:49 am

I certainly have enjoyed Three Belgian Style, an offering by Duc Nhien that appears in the June '03 "Magicana" section.

It features one of my favorite sleights - many thanks for including Mike Gallo's insights to its origins.

This routine is beautiful; the more I play with it, the more options I see. (I like it better than 3 Fly - but perhaps that is because it is my "new toy.")

Some of the things I've been playing with include turning the hands completely around or swiveling the coins to provide a "fairer view." Have also been working on other one-at-a-time productions after the acquitment. (Aslo - try this one with quarters as an option for borrowed coins.)

Very nice indeed - many thanks for sharing this, Mr. Nhien...

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Joe M. Turner
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Re: Three Belgian Style

Postby Joe M. Turner » June 12th, 2003, 6:07 pm

Strangely enough, I had time to play with this routine today. I really enjoyed learning it and will definitely put some work into it.

When reproducing the first of the two coins that end up stacked, there is a certain amount of noise. I felt that producing it and the single coin in the other hand simultaneously might offer a certain reason to hear noise -- especially if they are flicked against each other after their production. In order to give a 1-2-3 rhythm to the end, though, something else needs to happen before reproducing the final coin.

One other thing that occurred to me is that the moment when you have 2 coins produced and one about to be produced, has a counterpart in Bruce Cervon's three-coin production for Vernon's "Silk & Silver." That routine allows you to show the two coins and the hand empty, then produce the final coin. In the "3 Belgian Style" routine, that would be a callback to the similar moment during the vanishes... perhaps something to consider if you wanted a parallel structure...

It was nice to get a few minutes to play again today...


Curtis Kam
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Re: Three Belgian Style

Postby Curtis Kam » June 12th, 2003, 7:37 pm

Finally got my copy out here in Hawaii, and had the following idea for those of you who are fiddling about with the ending:

Take the routine from the double "peekaboo" position now attributable to old Jimmy Wilson. In other words, the third coin has vanished.

Reach forward and to the right with the right hand, and produce both coins as one (they simply flip down into display position. For more work on this, and a whole lot more, see Reed McClintock's "Coin Patriot" DVD upon release)

At the moment the coin(s) appears, place the coin in Left JW grip directly into your eye socket. Don't jab it in, grasp it there like a monacle. Immediately reach over to the right hand's coin(s) and split the coin into two. Final position, one coin displayed in each hand, and one in your eye. Pretend to peer "through" the coin as you look over the coins in your hands.

Are we having fun yet?

Bill Duncan
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Re: Three Belgian Style

Postby Bill Duncan » June 12th, 2003, 11:28 pm

You can mitigate the noise in one of two ways (or use slicks). The easiest way to mask the sound of the coins is to flip the one visible coin to point up it's appearance. The ringing of the spinning coin will more than cover the sound and the visual makes any akwardness of the recovery invislble.

That being said, it's also possible to split the two coins with the thumbnail of your right hand. After they begin to part wedge your thumbtip between the coins and rotate your hand outward causing the top coin to flip forward. Clip the top coin between the pad of the thumbtip and the second knuckle of the index finger. As this happnes the bottom coin falls naturally into fingerpalm.

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Re: Three Belgian Style

Postby Conus » June 15th, 2003, 6:36 am

Joe -
Here's an easy way for you to follow the original handling and minimize the noise:

(After you've produced the coin in the left...)

Drop the right hand slightly as you rotate the fingers downward. At the same time, use the right thumb to coax one coin to the fingertips. The extra coin is in prime position for final placement into Ramsay Subtlety as the right hand rotates back to its original orientation. (It's all one smooth motion -- gravity will help you separate the coins.)

Bring the right hand forward to display a single coin hanging from the right fingertips.

This is a nice routine; I really enjoy playing with it. I changed the handling as such. Here's the sequence I use at this moment:
  • a setup phase before the routine begins - leading into a quick vanish
  • the actual routine
  • a series of one-at-a-time productions
  • another set of vanishes
  • a final series of productions - and a cool kicker.

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