>>Original "Sitta's Leopard Silk" >>and<<<Tenyo’s DIABOLICUS (Mental)>>>

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>>Original "Sitta's Leopard Silk" >>and<<<Tenyo’s DIABOLICUS (Mental)>>>

Postby y3xprm » March 25th, 2010, 3:13 pm

Original "Sitta's Leopard Silk" $59
An original "Sitta's Leopard Silk" is difficult to find, and this is an original with the name printed on the scarf . The effect is beautiful visual magic.

Display a large scarf with colored spots printed on both sides. flicks the scarf in the air and the spots fall off, leaving the scarf, which he shows blank on both sides. Take some loose spots dots and tosses them in the air, then flick the scarf into the falling spots. The spots seemingly attach themselves onto the scarf, leaving it with spots on both sides, as it was at the start.

The dots are PRINTED on the silk

A spectator takes a small rectangular block with different printed ESP symbols, thinks in one of the symbols and secretly secures the block inside a black box with a cover; the performer immediately reveals the spectator's thought.

The principle involved is very smart and clever. This item is no longer on the market and is considered one of the best Mental effects produced by Tenyo.

Shipping $2 in USA

PM or e-mail if interested

PO Box 19624
San Diego, CA 92159
619 287 1877
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