GREAT DEALS on eBay- Ken Brooke, Al Mann, etc.

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GREAT DEALS on eBay- Ken Brooke, Al Mann, etc.

Postby Tom Ladshaw » February 28th, 2010, 6:04 pm

Hi Folks....

Just a quick heads-up: I've got a few really nice magic and mental items on eBay. They end in just a few hours (starting about 10 PM Eastern time). Some *really* good deals still to be had. Ken Brooke, Mark Mason, Joker Magic, Bruno Copin, Al Mann, etc. Take a look! You'll have to wade through the vintage barware and knick knacks...but I promise it's worth a look!

Here's a direct link to my auctions:

Thanks so much for taking a look. And if you DO win one of my auctions, please let me know you saw it mentioned here on the Genii Forum... That'll get you a FREE GIFT!

Tom Ladshaw
Covongton, KY

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