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Postby Matthew Field » February 18th, 2002, 9:11 am

Do you know Moe? I mean, of course, the magic Moe, not the "Oh, a wise guy, eh?" Moe. Bill Miesel wrote about him in "Moe and His Miracles With Cards" published by ... let's see ... I forget.

Moe Seidenstein was a legendary character who baffled the magic convention attendees in the 1930s with "Moe's Move a Card" and "Think a Card," stunning effects with no possible hint as to method. Then, Moe disappeared.

Jamy Ian Swiss told me about a year ago that Moe had surfaced, in Long Island, New York of all places. Aaron Smith wrote a piece about him in "Mr. Gadfly" and the "Linking Ring" did a piece on him recently. This month's "Linking Ring" has a trick, "The Human Calculator" with the method on Moe's new website.

Allow me to recommend that website to you. It is and there are photos, a couple of essays, and a darned good trick.

I wrote to Moe to thank him for his magical contributions, and you might like to do the same.

Matthew Field

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