Hard to find "MindSet #1" instruction book over-runs available

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Hard to find "MindSet #1" instruction book over-runs available

Postby Greg Edmonds » February 22nd, 2010, 11:15 am

Greetings friends (sound enough like a used car salesman?):

My daughter informed me that she found a box containing the over-runs of my MindSet #1 instruction booklets.

These were originally included in a package I sold back in the mid 90's, but everything you'll need to perform the effects you likely already have (if not, you can find them at a local office supply store, and your from your favorite magic dealer -- said items are all quite inexpensive).

Ted Karmilovich, Chris Carter, Bob Cassidy, Richard Busch and many others gave the product a glowing review. I used to keep dozens of endorsements for the publication, but thinking the products were all gone, I tossed them a while back.

If you reside in the United States, and desire to purchase the work, I'll send one your way if you'll forward $21.00 to my PayPal account (PayPal ID: mindshow@aol.com) - Please be SURE your PayPal link contains your current mailing address.

I'll send the booklet your way via Priority Mail. If you're OVERSEAS, please send $32.00 for Air Mail (Par Avon) shipping, to my PayPal account; and $25.00 (US), total, for shipment to Canada. Sorry, but the Postal Service here has gotten fairly ridiculous with foreign shipping rates.

I was told a couple of years ago that someone offered this work at a Castle swap meet for $300.00. I doubt he (or she?) got the asking price, but these items are, I honestly believe, worth a great deal to any working professional.

The "Triple Threat Booktest" alone was very popular internationally, as it's done with borrowed paperback books, or (in my personal case), with books which can be given away to the participants at the routine's conclusion. One previous purchaser told me he used the routine with Harry Potter books, to demonstrate "occulamancy" (copyright JK Rowling) in his kid show program.

I haven't asked them, but if you'll inquire with any of the "endorsing" folks listed above, I think they'll remember the product and will provide an appraisal of its worth to any mentalist/mental magic performer.

Though it's just silly fun, I confess, the M&M blindfold effect in the booklet got me an invitation to appear on a national TV talk show about 16 years ago. Another enterprising performer used the method I describe to apparently recognize postage stamp nationalities by the taste of the glue on their backs. He used it on a "Tonight Show" appearance, so it plays pretty strong to a layman, I guess. I performed both as a "mindreading" effect, and as an apparent memory feat, in different shows.

I don't sign on here every day because of health issues, but will check tonight and the next couple of days for messages. Once again, I'll send the booklet (22 typeset pages, with no "filler") if you'll forward the amount requested to my PayPal account directly; if you should have any questions or comments, though, feel free to post here or via Private Message, and I'll try to respond.

The publication contains "The Triple Threat Booktest," the M&M's routine (entitled "They Melt In Your Mouth, Not Your Mind") and a newspaper headline prediction Bob Cassidy called "the most practical [he had] ever seen," in his short-lived print newsletter.

If you've read this far, I appreciate your interest; it looks like I have a couple of dozen samples of the publication to offer. They are, of course, available on a first come, first serve basis. In the unlikely event that I run out, your PayPal funds will be returned immediately, in FULL.


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