Mr. Giobbi's article on Vernons "Matching the cards"

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Mr. Giobbi's article on Vernons "Matching the cards"

Postby Guest » October 27th, 2005, 2:20 am

I was quite intrigued by Mr. Giobbi's article where he mentions that Dai Vernon believed that the strongest card trick for a lay man was "matching the cards". I also liked Giobbi's handling of how to get into it from a borrowed and shuffled deck.

Mr. Giobbi mentioned that the effect was kind of "forgotten" and not performed much anymore - which was one of the reasons he wanted to bring it to our attention.

However, I find the effect to be very similar to many "Gambler vs. Magician" effects and my personal favourite effect to perform in that category is Martin Nashs "Tittle bout". However, here you have a setup, but based on Giobbi's method, I'm now trying to establish a way to create the needed set-up impromptu.

I always loved this type of effect and I tend to agree with Vernon and Giobbi that this effect has an extremely strong impact on a lay audience.While going through both Vernons original handling and Giobbi's suggestions you might want to take a look on Martin Nash's routine as well.

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