Ethics and March Genii/Jason Latimer's Card Magic

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Ethics and March Genii/Jason Latimer's Card Magic

Postby Guest » February 28th, 2004, 8:02 am

Regarding Jason Latimers Card Magic

When I read the opening quote to this article, I knew that I was about to read a STOLEN effect.

In the beginning of the article, Mr. Latimer says, "To the best of my knowledge, these are new effects, but card magic has been around a long time and I think it is exceptionally difficult not to reinvent tricks from time to time."

Just the fact he had to say this tells me he is about to rip someone off! What a shame! It appears all you have to do is post a disclaimer and you can pretty much "Reinvent" anything you want and claim it as yours.

The effect I am talking about is "Trick Photography." It appears on page 51. It is a blatant rip off of an effect called, "Instant Camera Card" by Thomas Fraps and Helge Thun. Which is in print in a book called, "The Book", published in 1998. In this book, the authors give credit to the idea/gaff which go back to Marlo, Hamman and others.

In my opinion, there is NO WAY that Mr. Latimer could have created this on his own. It is FAR TOO similar to the effect by Fraps and Thun. All the way down to the looking and pointing at the watch to cover the change.

So, shame on you Mr. Latimer for being a thief and shame on you Genii for not doing your research.

I wish these lame ass (usually young) magicians would stop ripping people off. If you are not creative enough to create something truly original, don't try to pass someone else's creation off as yours. Do the trick you learned from someone else or from the book you read, but don't "Reinvent" it and call it yours! :mad:

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Re: Ethics and March Genii/Jason Latimer's Card Magic

Postby Richard Kaufman » February 28th, 2004, 12:06 pm

I can assure you that Jason Latimer has not read "The Book, or Don't Forget to Point."
I was the publisher of the book and the trick did not ring a bell with me.
So before you scream about it being "stolen," you might consider the possibility that it was just a cast of a young man who happened to reinvent something and we didn't catch it before it hit print. When that happens, we always follow up with a credit in the next issue, and that's what we'll do here, assuming you're correct once I verify it.
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