Stage Hypnotism

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Stage Hypnotism

Postby Mark.Lewis » October 26th, 2009, 7:29 am

On that rather insane Blackpool thread dastardly comments were made about my stage hypnosis course by someone who obviously didn't study the tapes with due diligence unlike my other student James Munton who on his very first performance was good enough to go on television with what he had learned.

Actually there were lots of moaning minnies around when the course first came out. They were cursing Mark Lewis for depriving them of their money when they should have been cursing themselves for their lack of application. There were far more happy people who derived great benefit from the course and indeed started new careers from it than there were complainers.

However it is indeed true that there were complainers in plenty. What the complainers didn't know was that Mark Lewis had very little to do with the course in the first place.

It wasn't marketed by me and in fact I had no idea that it was going to be advertised so heavily. One rather silly chap from Manchester, England even complained about the course without even having purchased it. Or to put it more accurately he complained about Mark Lewis to the producer of said course on the grounds that he viewed the said Mark Lewis to be a very wicked person. He didn't mention to the producer that he and his rather awful sister had ripped off Mark Lewis for thousands of dollars. The producer then told me all about it and also told the complainer to take a hike but in rather polite language.

Still I mustn't go off at a tangent. My main point is that I had nothing whatsoever to do with the marketing of the course and all complaints should have been made to the producer rather than me. In any event the course was advertised with a money back guarantee so I have no idea what the silly bastards were complaining about.

The very fact that the tapes were advertised with a money back guarantee should have been evidence enough that the course had nothing to do with me. Once I get your money you will never see it again whether you like the product or not. I am a svengali pitchman after all. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if too many people were satisfied with my product. Call it reflex action and the habits of a lifetime if you want.

In my next post I will give a link to the advertising of the course. In the name of God though don't purchase from the website though since it seems to be defunct even though it is still up there. When I say "defunct" I really mean that I don't think it is filling the orders any more although it still seems to take the money. I have had quite a few people phone me saying that they ordered goods from the site and nothing seems to arrive. I am not sure if they lost money or not but if I were you I wouldn't take the chance. The reason I am going to make a link to the site is to show you the over-hype marketing methods that were used. If you want the course then contact me privately and I will let you have it in a different form and at a different price than that advertised.

I had a good laugh at the time but I would never dream of selling my products in that way. However I had no control of the marketing and it wasn't my call. In fact the over hype and the price was one of the reasons there were so many complaints. People's expectations were dashed when they got the material.

Not that the material wasn't extensive. It was actually TOO extensive. In my view it ruined the course but again that wasn't my call. You got far too much stuff and the reason for this was for marketing purposes. By giving the customer a ton of material full of "bonuses" it enabled the producer of the course to hike up the price.

The sheer quantity mitigated against effective study because there was far too much. Students had to sort the wheat from the chaff and they got confused and hence gave up before they started because they didn't have the patience to wade through it all.

I now sell the course privately although I don't advertise it much. However I sell it in a much reduced form without all those daft "bonuses" and I sell it at half the original price. And I do it on DVD rather than the original VHS tapes.

The main improvement I have made is that I have given a study plan and told the student the correct sequence to study the individual tapes.

Another vast improvement to the course was made by the original producer. He noticed that the people demanding their money back were particularly dissatisfied with one tape of a difficult show.
Stage hypnotists know that when subjects on stage are slow to co-operate you whisper to them to get them to go along with things. You don't necessarily try to make them into stooges. It is more a matter of trying to get them to concentrate better. Unfortunately the producer put some special microphone on me in order to record the tapes. So when I whispered to the volunteers, although the audience couldn't hear a word of it, the tapes gave the impression that it was said out loud to the subjects and the audience could hear every word.

The solution was to eliminate that tape and substitute another one. Once he did that the complaints dropped dramatically

After the tapes came out other hypnotists jumped on the bandwaggon. They saw the two page advertisements in Genii and other places and thought they might as well cash in on the trend that Mark Lewis had started. Now every hypnotist and his mother are offering hypnotism classes and courses all over the bloody place and there are new stage hypnotists appearing on the scene every week. All my doing but not really since I didn't market the course in the first place.

Anyway in my next post I shall put a link to the site.

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Re: Stage Hypnotism

Postby Mark.Lewis » October 26th, 2009, 7:42 am

Now here is the link to the original website. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Please read the previous post. I will not be responsible for any money lost if you disregard this warning. I am only posting it so you can see the advertising techniques used. I am still on good terms with the original producer although I see him rarely. He is a carnie type just like me and I have no idea of his whereabouts nowadays. He is well aware that I sell a few of the courses privately and doesn't mind a bit. Anyway here it is:

Incidentally the alleged interview with me on the site was a load of baloney. It didn't even occur and I remember laughing my head off when I first read it.

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