Leonardo ESP Test

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Leonardo ESP Test

Postby Leonardo » October 12th, 2009, 3:33 pm

To Everyone!

I think there is no a magic trick inventor who should not have at least one mental piece. Now I would like to introduce also one of my mental trick which works on my own developed method.

Leonardo ESP Test (Card version with 8 drawings)

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Effect: The Magician shows 8 cards to the audience, each of them a different symbol. He lays down the cards one at a time on the table and ask a spectator to think of one of them while he turns his back. It's Important that the Magician does not see which is the mentally selected card. After that the Magician shows 2 more cards , each containing 4 of the symbols. The Spectator has to say yes or no if he sees his chosen symbol.

The surprise is that the Magician can tell immediately which is the card chosen by the spectator!

The trick is fully automatic there is no chance for mistake!

With regards,

Lajos Fekete

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