reader of minds paul voodini

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reader of minds paul voodini

Postby Dale Shrimpton » September 21st, 2009, 8:03 am

Reader of Minds
Paul Voodini.

Well, as promised, here it is.
My review of Reader of Minds by Paul Voodini. ( A.K.A Paul Bell)

Its fantastic.

I guess you want a bit more than that eh? Ok.
In This book, Paul has managed to pool together a number of existing Tricks of the trade and has produced a completely gaff free mentalism act.
Imagine getting a 2 hour booking at a nudist camp, after your luggage was stolen.
With this book, and the information it contains, you would still be able to fulfil the engagement.

Its laid out in chronological order.

Chapter one, explains the differences between the various types of psychics, mediums, and readers. This chapter, also is a useful guide in identifying the character you wish to portray , and the kind of character you should avoid.

Chapter two, Introduces the stock questions and answers that you will use, and includes a handy dandy chart of popular names from the 1930s, to the present day.
Chapter 3 gives you a complete scripted performance guide, which leads into chapter 4. The scripted guide, deconstructed.

This highlighting the tricks, where they fit and, why they work.
Now you have a grasp of all the secrets, Paul shares with us in chapter 5, a few firsthand accounts of really bad mediums he has come across in his past.

Chapter 6, gives a good basic guide in Palm, and Tarot reading, ( and it is basic ) but by applying the reading techniques that you have learned in the first chapters, you can use them, as a gateway to other things. In other words, the book shows you how to do a thorough reading, despite only knowing the 5 Basic lines on the hand. (I have always thought that They cover all the sitter wants to know anyway.. money, health, life, and relationships)

Closing the book is a magic trick that combines both playing cards, and palm reading.

All in all I give this work, a huge thumbs up, and recommend it to anybody thinking of performing mentalism, or becoming a psychic reader.

For more details contact paul at his website...

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Re: reader of minds paul voodini

Postby Paul Bell » September 21st, 2009, 11:08 am

Hi Dale and many thanks for your kind review. The idea behind "Reader of Minds" was to create a gimmickless way of providing a stage psychic/mind-reading show. After working with hundreds of shut eye mediums over the years, I studied their performance techniques and their tricks (most were total shut eyes and were blissfully unaware of the techniques they were employing), and then took these tricks and techniques and employed them to provide an entertaining mind-reading show rather than communicate with the dead!

Gimmickless performance (and by that I mean no billets, centre tears, electronic wizardry etc) is a concept that appeals to me hugely, and hopefully this book will make it very possible for any magical performer to provide such a show. Plus of course these techniques can then be transferred to the one-to-one tarot and palm reading environment, which is also covered in the book.

I'm always happy to answer any questions, so please fire away at will!
Paul 'Voodini' Bell

Paul Bell
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Re: reader of minds paul voodini

Postby Paul Bell » November 3rd, 2010, 5:21 pm

Gosh, is it really over a year since "Reader of Minds" came out? Feels longer! Anyway, the book is now available from as a PDF download, which is a new development.
Paul 'Voodini' Bell

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