Scott Alexander dvds FSH

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Scott Alexander dvds FSH

Postby troublewit » September 18th, 2009, 10:27 pm

Scott Alexander's Midnight Show DVD includes:
Effects Included:
*Bullet Catch
This is a death defying, close-up version of the classic Bullet Catch. Its an amazing demonstration that uses just a straw and its wrapper. Can be used either in walk-a-round or formal show situations. Its foolproof and easy to do.
Without a doubt this is the ultimate solution for the dangerous Russian roulette plot. Scott's routine is more powerful than any other because the audience makes all of the decisions. His method is totally safe. Destined to become an instant classic.
Scott's handling of the Benzais classic where the performer flicks a face up card into the deck. It lands directly on top of the selection. Scott has created a totally new method that cannot miss.
*Deans Box Work
Dean Dill created one of the best small illusions a few years ago. Scott's diabolical thinking created three new phases. All three kill but now you'll have the shocking ending your routine has always needed.
*Water Monte
Sure you can manipulate cards or the shells, but water? This routine for formal performance always has the audience several steps behind you.
Its a showstopper that like all of Scott's work is honed to perfection.
*Coffee Break
This one will make your audiences feel like they've had way too much caffeine! Its a very sneaky version of coins to glass that has a great sell and a final load direct from Starbucks. Its diabolical and but easy to do.
This is a really fun to perform routine for adults designed around one of the newest buzzwords Metrosexual. This is a very funny, cutting edge routine that will leave the informed howling with laughter.

Scott Alexander 10 0'clock Show includes:
*The Hat
Scott has taken an ancient bar bet and turned it into a closer. You'll learn professional grade choreography, presentation and the absolute best methods for handling whiskey filled shot glasses. Unique, funny, and astounding.
*Sense Of Color
How many color changing silk routines have you witnessed that make any sense. Only one -- Billy McCombs fabulous half-dyed silk routine. Now there are two. Scott's routine is extremely easy with a blockbuster climax. Good for close up, parlor or stage. This ones a workers dream.
*Matches Melt
Now that the universe is No Smoking the Cigarette In Coat classic is obsolete. This is Scott's practical solution. Brilliantly framed and yet other surprise finish. Easily worth the price of the DVD.
*Jumping Jacks
Wow, a close up matrix style routine with kids jacks -- jumping jacks! They do everything from transform to translocate in eye-popping new ways. Scott has developed a logical and extremely easy to do masterpiece that no longer requires coins!
This is a performance piece right out of Scott's comedy mental cruise ship act. It plays big or small, no problem. Its wacky, zany and right from Home Depot!
*Diving Fork
If you do walk-a-round magic for money this routine will instantly go into your repertoire. Its Scott's terrific handling of the classic Card Stab.
Its easy to do, but impossible to figure out.
*A Short Story
This is off the wall. Scott has written a screenplay. But he's stuck on the last word. The audience decides what the word should be. But they soon find out Scott decided on the same word! Hmmm

These retail for $35 each
Yours for $15 apiece, or $25 for both. Free S&H in th US.
Paypal only, please.
Thanks for looking, Chris
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Re: Scott Alexander dvds FSH

Postby troublewit » September 19th, 2009, 12:18 am

10 0'clock show sale pending
Christopher Klocek

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