do you have facebook???

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mago michell
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do you have facebook???

Postby mago michell » August 25th, 2009, 7:48 pm

hi fellow magicians, im leaving my email so fellow magicians can invite me to there facebook. and become friends.
im a magician in mexico, where we dont have any other magicians here, i feel like michael ammar when he started out, and he whent to another city, to the closest magic shop.
i specialize in closeup magic, stage, parlor, escapes, you name it, im more a general doctor magician. but my true dream is becoming a famous mentalist, thats my cup of tea, but magic in general covers my inmediate financial needs, theres hardly demand for specialize mentalist gurus in my town. i feel like aldo colombini in my country, because in our countries (italy and mexico) people dont want to feel like there being fooled, so we need to act like david williamson, bill malone, and incorporate a lot of stupidity, to survived, and be liked at----
well, thats my intro here, to get some emails from magicians around the world, i would love to comunicate with you all.
michell the magician ( not mitchell from LA)

Brandon Hall
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Re: do you have facebook???

Postby Brandon Hall » August 26th, 2009, 11:02 am

No one like to be "fooled" but everyone loves a "surprise"
"Hope I Die Before I Get Old"
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