Suzy, Will, and The Magic Circle

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Suzy, Will, and The Magic Circle

Postby Todd Karr » July 28th, 2009, 9:34 pm

Hi, everyone! Three new historical items that Genii Forum readers might enjoy for viewing and research!

See rare footage of some of the twentieth century's best magicians: FRED KAPS, ROBERT HARBIN, JOHN RAMSAY, JAY MARSHALL, BILLY MCCOMB, and many more...over 60 acts!
The priceless Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee film presents the prestigious magic organization's shows and lectures celebrating its 75th anniversay in 1965, with over 30 wonderful performers shown.
The second part of the disk brings you Mystic Craig's film of dozens of performers at the 1956 British Ring Convention, demonstrating effects for his camera. Treats include John Ramsay, Alex Elmsley, Levante, Bobby Bernard, Henk Vermeyden, June Merlin, and others.
On sale for only $25 (regular $35)...till July 31 only!
See a great clip of ROBERT HARBIN on our site! Visit

Magic dealer and author Will Goldston published some of magic's most interesting magazines in the first half of the twentieth century. Long unavailable, these journals are now yours in The Goldston Journals.
You receive complete files of his rare Magician Monthly, Magazine of Magic, and Goldston's Magical Quarterly...nearly 500 issues and almost 9000 pages ready for you to explore and enjoy.
The magazines are filled with effects, history, profiles, interviews, and hundreds of great illustrations.
Essential for any magician looking for new effects or pursuing magic research! Best of all, the entire collection is easily searchable. The Goldston Journals comes to you in convenient PDF format on disk.
On sale for only $50 (regular $75)...till July 31 only!

Suzy Wandas (1896-1986) performed magic with her mother as "The Wandas" in European vaudeville, presenting magic and playing violin while balancing on a slack rope. Perhaps the finest female manipulator of her time, Suzy (born Jean Van Dyk in Belgium) married Dr. Zina Bennett in 1959 and moved to Detroit, where she died in 1986.
This DVD contains the only existing footage of Suzy Wandas performing her sleight-of-hand. In these 1960s live performances and home movies, she presents advanced card productions, card fans, and other manipulations, as well as an array of stage magic.
You will also see an interview with Suzy at her home in Detroit; effects with giant cards by her husband Dr. Zina Bennett; an interview with her friend Clare Cummings; and Bennett's clips of Neil Foster, Dorny, and Chang in the 1960s.
ON SALE for only $25 (regular $35)...till July 31 only!
Visit our site to see a video of Suzy in action!

Best wishes,
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