Info needed on Vernon Lecture Notes

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Info needed on Vernon Lecture Notes

Postby Jeff Pierce Magic » July 20th, 2009, 6:52 pm

I have a set of typed Vernon Lecture Notes that I'm looking for info on.

It is 8 letter sized typed pages with 3 pages being nothing but illustrations. These Illustrations look to be by F.J. Rigney but are not noted as so.

The effects explained in the notes are:
Ball, Cone and Hankerchief
A Chinese Classic
Follow the Leader
Mind Reading
Expansion of Texture
Gemini Cards

Id like to know if these notes are complete, from what year, etc. My guess is it is from the 50's but that's just a guess.

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Re: Info needed on Vernon Lecture Notes

Postby Tortuga » July 22nd, 2009, 9:36 am

Jeff, you probably already own the booklet put out by Magic, Inc. in 1970, but just in case:

Dai Vernon's Expanded Lecture Notes

Begins with Cups and Balls then covers
The Changing Cards
Name a Number
Thought Card from Pocket
Hints on the Side Steal
The Migratory Cards
Bluff Card to Pocket
The G.W. Hunter False Shuffle
Two Cards to Pocket
Two Cards Through a Magazine
Mind Reading
Expansion of Texture
Ball, Cone and Handkerchief
A Chinese Classic
Gemini Cards
The Thumb Tie
Coins and Cylinder
Telekinetic Cards
The Forgotten Trick
Follow the Leader
The Snap Crimp
A Mental Discovery

As you can see, all of the tricks that you listed above are contained in the booklet, along with others. I would surmise that your set of notes was from an earlier lecture and that the other effects were added to create this "expanded" offering.

Dates of lectures cited in the text are:
S.A.M lecture in Chicago 1954, December 1, 1946, S.A.M. convention in Philadelphia 1968 and Chicago,July,1965.

There is a note in the text that from The Thumb Tie on, is taken from a lecture in Chicago, 1954.

The way the booklet is put together seems to me to reinforce that it was compiled by taking an original set of notes and fleshing it out with effects that were from previous or later lectures. There are some wonderfully-done illustrations for Ball, Cone and Handkerchief, A Chinese Classic and Gemini Cards which were probably on the three pages of illustrations in your set of notes.

Reading the comments by Jay Marshall and others in the back section is very illuminating.

Hope this helps!
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