New guy here...

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New guy here...

Postby andrewmoquin » June 26th, 2009, 1:40 am

Hey guys I'm Andy, I'm not entirely new here or to the world of magic, I got into magic back in 8th grade with a friend but we stopped as time passed. Recently I've been messing around with my unused decks a lot so I'm trying to get back into it a bit. I was a member here roughly 3 or so years ago, as i am currently in 11th grade (about to go to 12th) :]. Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and get started on those quality posts (thats quite a lot to start learning ) in order to start learning some techniques and effects again. Only thing i remember from 8th grade is my ambitious card routine that i came up with, and w.e. techniques were required to do them. I can remember any flourishes or anything like that :[ but oh well ill learn them again.
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Re: New guy here...

Postby Richard Kaufman » June 26th, 2009, 5:55 pm

Welcome to the Forum.
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mago michell
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Re: New guy here...

Postby mago michell » August 25th, 2009, 8:27 pm

hi my friend, i can help you become a pro in 1 post, that would be magic.
first you need a marked deck, do you have one? it needs to be those that its on the design the hiddeen stuff, that allows you to see whats the card.
second, you need to do a classicfroce, just buy our english friend paul daniels, so you can do it on your back even.,
third, you need to have audience managment, i recomend that you go to a public place like your cafeteria, and get so heckle by your friends, and encounter the true nature, of being laughed at, called on, and super heckle, then you will be inmune, if you continue to do this time after time for a month.
fourt. you need to be funny, DOING MAGIC IS EASY, but being liked at is something diferent, so read dale carneguie, "how to win friends and influence people"- the pass, perfect faro, is easy.
fift. you need to realize that in teh world theres people that dont like magic, like your wife, so have a sense if tehy like it inmediately, to prevent sharing magic with this deamonds of boring hell. move on to people that would apreciate tommy wonders AND QUENTIN REYNOLDS MAGICAL MOMENT.
SIXT. be yourself, and make your magic an extension of you, and pretend that your as astounish as them, that makes it more magical, and please dont feel like a semi god, when the magic has happend, TAKE THAT EGO, AND PUT IT ON YOUR BACK POQUET FOR A RAINY DAY.
seventh. dont copy material and patter from other magicians, are you a copy machine, TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN Routine's
8th. learn 10 effects this months, and please master only those
- 1 spoon bend, by benacheck or oSterling's videos
- learn 1 sponge ball routine, a simple one that comes in any kids magic set.
- learn torn and restored napkin from lance Burton show.
- learn how to vanish a silk from penn and teller show and not the canadian show and the naked woman.
- learn torn and restored rope from gary darwin
- learn how to put a coin inside a plastic bottle.
- learn an escape
- you really need to do a transpo with cards, a sign to wallet effect. a torn and restored sign card,
- learn teh french drop and the classic palm, and you will do miracles, with them
THE BEST ADVICE IS: if something fails, dont worry about it, it aint heart surgery,and theres where you need to read aldo colombinis one liners to make the moment more comfortable.
good luck, if you learn all this, your a magician

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