Fu Manchu's Mysteries!

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Todd Karr
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Fu Manchu's Mysteries!

Postby Todd Karr » May 13th, 2009, 7:51 pm

Hi, everyone!

David Bamberg -- also known as the great illusionist Fu Manchu - was not only a superb magician but also the star of several 1940s detective movies in which he solved crimes by magic, performing his illusions along the way: the Bullet Catch, Substitution Trunk, Water Cell escape, Guillotine, Eggs from Hat, Second Sight, and many other routines.

Our new Fu Manchu's Mysteries 3-DVD set is the first time these films have been available on DVD. Now you can appreciate the brilliance and artistry of Bamberg first-hand. It's a must-see for illusionists and magic historians, and the films make a fun magic matinee to enjoy.

Each disk of Fu Manchu's Mysteries includes a full plot synopsis by William H. McIlhany so you won't miss a moment of the plot (for those non-Spanish-speaking viewers, don't worry...the action and language are easily grasped at even a casual viewing!).

All footage has been remastered for DVD, and the set includes a gallery of bonus still images.

See samples from the movies at The Miracle Factory.

And if you order Fu Manchu's Mysteries NOW, you'll save $25, since the three DVD set is only $75 (regular $100) for a limited time.

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory

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Re: Fu Manchu's Mysteries!

Postby mai-ling » May 14th, 2009, 8:47 pm

Well that is neat-o.

When I was three, I met Lola.
We were part of the Greatest Magicians Tour.
On our stop in Buenos Aires, she hung with
the ladies. She dressed in a Chinese Robe.

I found a photo with her and all the magician's
assistants. My mom is one of them.

Dad was close friends with Okito.
you will remember my name
world's youngest illusionista

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