Vernon Touch May 1969

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Vernon Touch May 1969

Postby JR Russell » April 28th, 2009, 11:19 am

My May 2009 issue arrived in Brussels yesterday and I went through the routine...starting with Richard in his Genii Speaks...I then pull out my copy of 'The Vernon Touch' and I check to see what the professor had to say 40 years ago in May!

I won't go over the entire 3+ pages but I did find a snippet that I had not thought of. Al Portwood (?) wrote to ask Vernon about using more than one deck in a show and Vernon offered this: ...."The few ways of doing it are very closely guarded...he goes on to offer a couple of simple ideas.

Start of with a bridge sized deck and then say, "Perhaps you think I take advantage of the narrow cards, so I'll show this can be done with wide cards also..."

"Or take out a Bee deck if he's been using a Bicycle deck and say, 'Now, in most gambling houses, these are the cards the use'."

"Or he can say, 'I did this trick the other night for some fellow and he asked me if I could do the trick with his daughter's deck,' and introduce a deck with pictures or animals..."

"In other words, you can introduce two or three decks if you have a logical explanation for it"....

I'll stop here...there was more good stuff! I forced myself to stop there and I'll wait for the June 2009 issue before I hit June 1969!

It is also a bit ironic that this month Roberto Giobbi's column is also on Vernon. If you get a chance to see Roberto's lecture on Vernon, you are in for a treat. The notes that go along with it are fantastic!

So I'll go back to finishing my May 2009 issue now...

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