WTB: Jay Marshall & De Yip Loo photo from Columbus Magi-fest

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WTB: Jay Marshall & De Yip Loo photo from Columbus Magi-fest

Postby mai-ling » April 21st, 2009, 10:50 am

A shot in the dark since I've been inquiring about this for
quite a few years.

I've been looking for a photo of Dad & Jay from approximately
the 1950's from the Columbus Magi-fest.

The photo is unique because it would be of Dad performing
the double doll house with Jay.
However Jay is dressed in drag.

Yes, a woman, with wig, skirt and all.

I have the trophy they won, but not the photo.
And the photo would be a beautiful add to the collection
but also the book project.

If anyone has any feelers please let me know of where
I could inquire.

I've checked with the AMM who has the Irving Desfor collection
to someone with the magi-fest. I should check in again.

I'm being serious about this.
I know when I was inquiring to and around people at the MCA
last year, they thought I was joking.

I not joking.

~ mai-ling
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