The Secret Lexicon is Watching You

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Todd Karr
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The Secret Lexicon is Watching You

Postby Todd Karr » February 20th, 2009, 3:47 pm

Hi, everyone:

Fair warning: the price of our unbelievable Secret Lexicon dictionary will rise from $250 to $400 on March 1. If you want to save $150, order yours now at The Miracle Factory !

We're only printing 500 copies, most already spoken for.

Hear the buzz of Michael Weber and others:
"...The Secret Lexicon just might be the last word in book tests." Michael Weber

"The Secret Lexicon will be my go-to book test. Paul Vigil

"Easy to use, devastating in effect,and perfect in both look and feel, The Secret Lexicon will be of immense value to working pros and something I will be using!" Jerome Finley

Shipping this spring.

The Secret Lexicon will NOT be discounted by dealers. We're through with the price-slashers, so do not expect to be able to purchase this incredible prop more cheaply later.

Custom-made for you with gilded OR plain pages! You get to choose the right style for your performance when you order yours.

High quality producion for the collector, designed for the pro
It looks just like a real Webster's dictionary...but it's gaffed to the hilt!

Massive 800 pages...but at 5.5 by 8 inches, it's still portable enough for a briefcase
Luxurious dark tan leather binding with gold foil stamping
Lavish production with satin-finish paper, and distinctive ribbon bookmark
Choice of gilded or plain edges
Looks like an actual dictionary
Color illustration pages, deluxe endpapers, individually numbered
Optional dustjacket included

Every definition is a word you can divine!
You can use our super-clean no-question approach OR our built-in anagram method if you prefer
Divine words with visual images OR letter by letter!
Use it as a powerful book test OR as the perfect prediction device for your existing routines!
Instant reading of several words or complete definitions anywhere the book is opened
Hundreds of words, definitions, pages, and text throughout the book
Every page's words are in alphabetical order and look totally normal to the volunteer
Sections for all letters A-Z included
Diabolically gimmicked but looks totally legitimate
No forces, no fishing, no math
No need to guide to a longest word or use anagrams
No gimmicks, breaks, or glimpses
No additional props needed
No guessing or asking the first letter of the word
You don't ever have to touch the book!
Instantly repeatable
Powerful effects incorporated into not only the definitions but also the illustrations
Built-in words for comedy, romantic, or dramatic presentations
Actual dictionary definitions
Several methods that can be combined for deceptive routining
Use alone or with our Shakespeare Experiment with certain elements designed to interlock.

Todd Karr
Posts: 299
Joined: March 13th, 2008, 9:03 am

Re: The Secret Lexicon is Watching You

Postby Todd Karr » February 28th, 2009, 4:33 pm

Update: The Secret Lexicon's introductory price of $250 ends March 1 (midnight before March 2), when it rises to $400. Order now or pay more later!

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