Karrell Fox in 1961 and Bruce Elliott on LP

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Todd Karr
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Karrell Fox in 1961 and Bruce Elliott on LP

Postby Todd Karr » February 2nd, 2009, 2:25 pm

Hi, everyone:

A few new important items of note!

1. Karrell Fox: Comedy Tonight DVD
2. Magic on the Gramophone CD

1. Karrell Fox: Comedy Tonight DVD

Come see a great video of Karrell Fox in 1961 on our site!

Karrell Fox (1928-1998) was not just a prominent name in magic and comedy but also a pioneer in the field of corporate shows, especially in his native Detroit's auto industry. Karrell Fox: Comedy Tonight preserves some of Karrell's rarest comedic moments with over thirty Fox routines ranging from card work to ropes to pure comedy. You'll see Karrell in rare 1960s industrial films for Chevy and G.M. and 1970s shorts for Magic Chef and Oldsmobile, many of them in his W. C. Fields character.

You also receive several segments with Karrell performing on Canadian television and in a live outdoor show. You'll learn a lot from his interactions with spectators, simplification of methods, and comedic touches.
Bonus materials include a touching clip reminiscing with Little Johnny Jones in Colon, Michigan, and a video scrapbook of rare Fox photos and memorabilia.

Order now for the introductory price of $25 (regular $35)...you save $10! Visit The Miracle Factory to see Karrell in 1961 and a complete list of contents.

2. Magic on the Gramophone CD

Magic on the Gramophone is a fun, charming collection of rare albums recorded by magicians, with dozens of explanations of effects. You'll hear the voices of bygone magicians like author Bruce Elliott in his So You Want to Be a Magician (1964), an elderly Blackstone Sr. in his Party Magic (1961), and the comical Duke Stern in Abracadabra is My Game (1973).

You also receive the complete pioneer set of Recorded Card Tricks by Luis Zingone (1939) and more. Plus, we've included many of the quaint album graphics and bonus booklets that accompanied these scarce LPs.

The Magic on the Gramophone CD features newly digitized versions of these albums in convenient mp3 tracks on CD. Order now for $15 (regular $20)...you save $5!

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory

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Ryan Matney
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Re: Karrell Fox in 1961 and Bruce Elliott on LP

Postby Ryan Matney » February 2nd, 2009, 10:30 pm

Very Cool, Mr Karr!
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