The Pendragons NEW L and L Videos

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The Pendragons NEW L and L Videos

Postby JPendragon » January 19th, 2009, 6:57 am

Dear Members

L and L Publishing has just released a four volume DVD set of instructional videos on the Illusion work of Charlotte and me. This is about presentation, no workshop plans. What you do get is our work on Metamorphosis, the scene of us performing the illusion with light shinning through the curtain (making it almost transparent) is unreal and worth the price all by itself. For the first time I explain the work on a routine Charlotte and I call "The Election." This illusion is one of my strongest pieces, it has three endings that come one right after the other. For those who have seen us live, it's the illusion with Blamo box, the black cape and the big fluffy dog, you can use a person as well. There is also platform magic including my work on the Sands of Egypt (the routine that fooled Lance Burton). Patrick Martin interviews me and that is very interesting (the near fatal accident with the arrow was only ten month earlier and it shows in my demeanor).

Charlotte and I put everything into our work and we give advice, full routines, tips and the performance know-how that comes from being a professional magician for more than 30 years. You get discussion on illusion development, theory and even the dangers. We discuss the physical training, the injuries and why I feel fire is something only the very advanced performers should ever go near.

For those who want to perform better on stage, Illusionist, Stage and Platform magicians, enthusiast and collectors, this set is essential. Even if you just want to learn FEET OF MAGIC from it's inventor (a great piece of close-up magic) get this set. It can be purchased through L and L Publishing. Charlotte and I also have a limited number, we sign the DVD covers and send along a signed 8/10 photo.
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