Bess and Harry HOUDINI~DANTE Movie Title Lobby Card~Marie Blood~The Fays MagicToken, etc.

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Bess and Harry HOUDINI~DANTE Movie Title Lobby Card~Marie Blood~The Fays MagicToken, etc.

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Specializing in Houdiniana
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Bess Houdini Handwritten/Signed Letter

HOUDINI 8x10 Photo

DANTE Tobacco Card

Assorted MAHATMA Magazines

Marie Blood Signed Houdini Photo

Two Books by Percy Naldrett

THE GEISHA BOY Movie Lobby Card

A HAUNTING WE WILL GO - Dante Title Movie Card

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I've added almost 100 titles there, as well!!

2652-9514) CONFESSIONs OF A PSYCHIC by Uriah Fuller

The Secret Notebooks of Uriah Fuller.

A factual account of how fake psychics perform seemingly incredible paranormal feats.

Copyright 1975 and published by Karl Fulves in Teaneck, New Jersey.

PaperBound with 41pages.

Some of the content's Include:

Publisher's Note
The Secret Notebooks of Uriah Fuller
General Observations

My Favorite Feats:
Bending Forks and Spoons
Bending Nails, Spikes Rings and What-Have-You
Bending Keys
Starting Broken Watches
Changing The Hands On Watches
The Ten-Can Divination
Duplicating Drawings
The Blindfold Drive
The Falling Object
Blackboard Tests
Miscellaneous One-Shots

As the New York Times put it:

Confessions Of A Psychic gives the most complete details of Geller's standard feats."

As George Pearce put it:

"This is a devastating attach on Geller. A completely detailed, at times hilarious account of his act. I don't see how anyone can read this book and take psychics seriously afterwards. More important, it is a handbook on how psychic fakes work, an invaluable guide for people who want to know what to look for."

Book measures approx. 5 1/2"x8 1/2". - $45.00

2653-1387) THE FAYS Magic Token - MT132

One of the Greatest Mind Reading Acts at the turn of the last century.

Location: USA - Date: 1910

OBV: Egyptian figure in center, "THE FAYS" above, "MASCOT" below.
REV: Hieroglyphic figures, "THE FAYS" above, "MASCOT" below.

Composition: copper (non magnetic).

These usually come worn. This piece is in really great condition. - $45.00


As Performed By The Zancigs. And Other Artists, Including Carter, The Magician and Abigail Price.

Compiled and copyrighted in 1912 by Laura G. Fixen

SoftCovers with 24 numbered pages, not including the front and back covers (which show other titles for sale).

Measures approx. 4"x9"

"Issued to the profession by Diamond Dust on Chicago, Illinois".

Content's Include:
How The ZANCIG System Was Obtained
How The Carter-Price Act Was Secured
How To Apply The "Second Sight" System
To Tell Letters
The Zancig's Code
To Tell Numbers
To Tell Dates
To Tell Money
To Tell Names
To Tell Articles
Articles By Series (Nine Series Are Given Over Seven Pages)
Lodges and Orders
Silent Cues
The Fays' Great Act

For the most part, this booklet is in pretty great condition. There's a little chipping on the covers corners -and- at the six o'clock position, the pages are torn approx. 1/2"

Great information, which is closing in on being 100 years old. - $25.00

>>>Remember, all these descriptions are on my WebSite -but- with 100s of color photographs, as well. Click this link:<<<

2655-4385) BESS HOUDINI Handwritten and signed Jan. 10, 1933 letter to Mr. Crowel"

Bess has written:

I have been suffering with a cold else I would not be so tardy in sending you my thanks for a very pleasant evening - we surely did enjoy meeting you - all the nice ladies - and all of "my boys" - it was a night I shall long remember. When I regain some of my strength, I will explore our storerooms - I may find things for your library - in the mean time, I will not forget you or the Houdini Club - my sister and the Mantells join me in best personal wishes to you and the members. Cordially Beatrice Houdini.

Letter measures approx. 6"x3 3/4".

Stationery personally made by Bess with the H cut out on the left hand side.

Letter has been professionally matted and placed in a wooden frame. Overall frame measurements approx. 11"x9". - $500.00


Great close up reproduction photo of Houdini sitting in his bi-plane.

For those of you who didn't know, Houdini was the first to fly a plane in the country of Australia.

The words "Houdini Photo" are not on the photo itself, just superimposed for this listing.

Houdini has signed the photo:

Best wishes
Harry Houdini
April 9, 1910

Photo comes in an antique looking frame and would sit nicely on your desk. Plus, there's a tab on the back, should you wish to hang it on your wall.

Overall size of the frame is 9 7/8"x11 3/4".

This appears to be a glossy photo from a professional photo store and not generated via a computer printer.

Don't want to spend hundreds? Then this is for you.... Just click on the 'thumbnail' photos below for a better look. - $25.00


Looks like a candy wrapper, but I assure you, this is a 4'x9' EXTREMELY RARE Houdini Poster from his Final Touring Season of 1926-1927. Divided into three sections, it advertises Houdinis Three Shows In One. Could this be why the Poster is in three sections?

The First Section shows a drawing of Harry Houdini from mid-chest and up. The Greatest Entertainer of All Time boldly declared underneath. Section Two has: The World Famous HOUDINI Master Mystifier, across the whole 2nd section...with 3 Shows In One just above this. This 2nd section (or middle) is four times the size of the two outside sections. The 3rd section boast: Magic Illusions Escapes -and- Fraud Medium Expose.

This was Houdinis full evening performance. Magic and Illusions - followed by various Escapes and Challenges - ending with Houdinis lecture (with glass slides) concerning his campaign against Fraudulent Mediums. Dont you wish this had been preserved on film?!!

The poster came folded, which Im guessing they ALL Did, due to their size. The folds can still be seen, due to the thickness in the paper. I would guess no amount of linen backing restoration could get these folds out. It is the thickness of a Movie Lobby Card or Window Card -and- Ive had it mounted on linen by Garos of West Virginia, so you dont have to worry about going to all this trouble. - $15,000.00


Postcard showing line drawing of jail cell with door open.

On other side is written in pencil: Suspended in crouching position
Then its signed: Harry Houdini

The French text under the jail cell reads:

100 LOCHES. - Le Donjon. - LL.
Cage du Cardinal de la Balue, Ministre de Louis XI, qui en avait sait
son confident. Il vendit les secrets de son maitre au Duc de Bourgogne. La
vengeance du Roi fut terrible. La Balue fut enferme dans une cage de fer
depuis Avril 1469 jusqu'en Decembre 1480.

The English translation:

100 LOACHES. (medieval city in Tours) - The Dungeon. - LL. (part of Loire river)
Cage of the Cardinal of Balue, Minister of Louis XI, whom the king had made
his confidant. He sold the secrets of his master to the Duke of Burgundy.
The vengeance of the King was terrible. Balue was locked up in an iron cage
from April 1469 until December 1480.

My great thanks to Stephen Forrester for providing the translation.

Just exactly what this postcard has to do with Houdini, I dont know. The only thing I can think of is: Houdini must have visited this cell, was suspended in a crouching position and escaped.

The postcard isnt dated, but it DOES have Houdinis handwritten inscription and Signature. - $1,500.00

>>>>>LayAway is available. If this is for you - just email for details.<<<<<

2659-5456) HOUDINI PROGRAM. March 12, 1906 - Keith's Theatre(Boston).

Program measures 3 3/4"x9 1/4". Not counting the front and back covers, there are a total of 18 pages.

Houdini appears "L" on the bill performing his Challenge Handcuff Act.

Houdinis part of the program reads:

"HOUDINI. "The Handcuff King" The Wonder of All the Police Departments of the World. Has Escaped from 63 Prisons in Europe, and the Only Man Alive Who has Managed to Get Out of a Siberian Transport Cell at Moscow. Police and Other Penal Officials Are Invited to Bring Regulation Handcuffs and Manacles to Test His Power."

A Great EARLY program just 12 days before Houdinis 32nd Birthday. - $250.00


This is a souvenir pitch book sold in the theatres of which Houdini was appearing.

Paperbound. 63 numbered pages.

Yellow pictorial covers. Front cover shows photo of shackled Houdini in formal wear. Back cover shows Houdini heavily chained into two tires. Weed Chain Tire Grip Company advertisement.

According to Stephen Forrester's: A Bibliography of Classic Authors In Magic and Related Arts (from 1993), this PitchBook was published in 1908 by Houdini in Leicester, England and printed by Willsons' Printers.

Measures approx. 5 3/4"x8 3/4".

Covers are still attached. Some soiling on the covers, but the pages inside are just fine. There are a few small pieces missing from the covers edges, as can be seen from the photos below.

Some of the contents are: The Adventurous Life Of A Versatile Artiste - An Accurate Account of Every Week and Month That Houdini Has Spent Abroad - Official Police News From Germany! Harry Houdini Sues The Cologne Police for Libel and Wins!! - In The Name of the King - Placed in the Cell of Charles Peace - Wizard in Gaol - How He Picked the "Mirror" Handcuffs in One Hour and Ten Minutes - The Handcuff King - Houdini At The Zoo - An Episode in Houdini's Life - Out of Guiteau Cell - Houdini Escapes From City Prison - Houdini and Weed Chain Tire Grip Challenge - Some of the Principal Handcuffs Used By The Police Departments Throughout The World (17 assorted cuffs are shown) - Some Handcuff Secrets Exposed (five restraining devices are shown) - To Produce A Lighted Candle From Your Pocket - How To Escape From The German Transport Chain (shows three photos of Houdini escaping) - Opening Sealed English Handcuffs (shows one photo of Houdini escaping) - The last page has: Some of the Great Feats Accomplished by Houdini -and- an advertisement for Houdini's book "The Unmasking of Robert Houdin".

There are tons of great photos of Houdini, not to mention the wealth of information on Houdini's early career, since he was only 34 when this PitchBook was published. - $650.00

2661-4780) HOUDINI CHALLENGE from September 21, 1915, St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Challenge reads as follows:


O'Donnell Shoe Company

Makers of High Grade Shoes for Men

St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 21, 1915

MR. HARRY HOUDINI, Orpheum Theatre, City

Dear Sir:

We, the undersigned, expert packers and employees of the O'Donnell Shoe Co., hereby challenge you to escape from a packing case that we have especially constructed of heavy timber.

If you accept the same, we defy you to make your escape without demolishing the box. We shall send the box along for your examination but demand the right to renail each and every board before you enter to prevent any previous preparation upon your part.

Awaiting your reply, we beg to remain,

Respectfully yours;


Per John B. Milligan, Supt.

Signed for Committee of Packers


Houdini Accepts the Above Challenge
Test to take place on the stage of the
Orpheum Theatre, Friday Night, Sept. 24
under the conditions that the box when finished must not be airtight

All this has been Professionally Matted and placed in a Cherry Wood Frame. Ive also added a striking reproduction Photograph of Houdini being placed into a Strait-Jacket.

The Challenge measures: 7"x10 1/2". The over all measurements are: 20 1/2x16 1/2. - $1,500.00

2662-8498) HOUDINIs 1919 PressBook for his movie: "THE GRIM GAME".

The ReproCopy, offered here, was made from the ONLY KNOWN ORIGINAL COPY of this PressBook - now residing at the Robert Somerdin Collection, in Florida.

The PressBook measures 11"x17" and contains 24 PACKED pages (12 sheets printed on both sides) of information.

The PressBook is on Premium #4 grade, 20lb. copy bond paper. I used an Ivory colored paper, so the appearance would appear more Authentic, than just having a copy on boring White Paper. - And, since the Original has Color on the Cover, I have reproduced the Cover IN COLOR, to try and make this as Authentic looking as possible.

Please click the link below for a detailed description of the PressBook:

The PressBook as been bound together by staples (10 in all) along the left edge - making it easy to read this, in a BookLike manner, instead of just having assorted loose pages. - $50.00

2663-2607) This offering is for TWO Comic Books with Houdini story lines

SPAWN. Two part story in which Houdini is Spawn's mentor.

Comic book featuring SPAWN, a new-age hero-villain who encounters Houdini during a New York City crisis involving a bomb and a wizard.

Published by Image Comics. Part one Spawn issue #19, October 1994, 22 pages and part two, issue #20, November 1994, 22 pages. - $20.00(for both)

2664-8491) PHILIP MORRIS WINDOW CARD for his Pasadena, Texas performance of "Wonderful World of Fantasy" on Tuesday, September 16, 1969. The Window Card measures 14"x22" and is Virtually Mint. Not bad for turning 40 years old this year.

The BONUS of this offering is the Window Card is Autographed by Mr. Morris. - $45.00

2665-2695) HOUDINI...and Beyond. An Extremely Limited Art Print.

17 Years Ago, Award Winning Artist, Diane K. Sparks (no relation), did an Original painting of Houdini. From this Original, a Limited Edition of Quality Art Prints were made.

Along the bottom border, each print was Hand Numbered, Titled and Signed by the Artist.

The Art Print measures 22x28 on 65lb, Acid Free, THICK Cover Paper with fade resistant ink.

The Print shows Houdini bound in chains, while a ghostly image of his Mother looks on: from Beyond. - $75.00

2666-6985) IN TOWN TONIGHT. Complete Set of 50 Churchman Tobacco Cards from 1938 issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co. of Great Britain and Ireland. Assorted stars, etc. of the time were commemorated on these 50 different and 'much sought after' Tobacco Cards. Among those honored was the magician DANTE. Theres a detailed subject description on the back of each card.

Those in the Set include: #1 Fred Archer, living wax model. #2 Mrs. Emma Baker, Piccadilly flower girl. #3 Tom Beasley, swordsmith. #4 Mrs. Florence Bell, head nurse, Royal Veterinary College. #5 Algernon Blackwood, author and traveler. #6 W. Reginald Bray, the human letter. #7 George Burchett, tattooist. #8 Cyclone Danny Carter, international stunt rider. #9 Charles Coborn, music hall artist. #10 W.R. Courtnell, street smudger. #11 William Dalton, rat catcher. #12 Dante, the Master Magician. #13 Harold Davy, toastmaster. #14 Miss Christina Foyle, bookseller. #15 W. A. Gape, the Tramps' K.C. #16 Miss Gibbs, floral buttonhole maker. #17 Sir Walter Gilbey. #18 Miss Pauline Gower, woman aviator. #19 William Hagland, engine driver. #20 Walter Hart, Drayman. #21 Cecil Hunt, Howier King of Highgate. #22 Madame Indre Shira, cheirastrologist. #23 Sheikh Jalal Quraishi, perfume blender. #24 Parry Jones, tenor. #25 Sydney A. Kemp, F.Z.S., zoo dentist. #26 Miss Beryl Laverick, actress and dancer. #27 Bruce Macloud, Punch and Judy Show. #28 Rass Prince Monolulu, Abyssinian racing tipster. #29 Mrs. Molly Moore, knocker-up. #30 Mrs. Nelson, woman sweep. #31 George Nicholls, the London Zoo storekeeper. #32 The Pearly King, Queen and Prince of Blackfriars. #33 Gypsy Petulengro, Astrologer and Palmist. #34 Mrs. May Phillips, the perfect barmaid. #35 REM, pavement artist. #36 G. F. Robey, old time butler. #37 Ruston and Steel, Public House Entertainers. #38 Rev. L. Shaposnick, Jewish Reader. #39 Captain Dennis Slocum, British Airways pilot. #40 Jack Smith, fruiterer. #41 Mike Stern, petticoat lane cheapjack. #42 Miss May Storey, woman detective. #43 Toni and Yento, one-man band. #44 Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion, plumber and mate. #45 John Tussaud, great-grandson of Madame Tussaud. #46 Mrs. Usher, toffee-apple queen. #47 James Watts, street musician. #48 Donald White, chief uniformed representative of Thomas Cook's. #49 Dr. Neville Whymant, explorer. #50 Douglas, court photographer. #27 Bruce Macloud, Punch and Judy Show. #28 Rass Prince Monolulu, Abyssinian racing tipster. #29 Mrs. Molly Moore, knocker-up. #30 Mrs. Nelson, woman sweep. #31 George Nicholls, the London Zoo storekeeper. #32 The Pearly King, Queen and Prince of Blackfriars. #33 Gypsy Petulengro, Astrologer and Palmist. #34 Mrs. May Phillips, the perfect barmaid. #35 REM, pavement artist. #36 G. F. Robey, old time butler. #37 Ruston and Steel, Public House Entertainers. #38 Rev. L. Shaposnick, Jewish Reader. #39 Captain Dennis Slocum, British Airways pilot. #40 Jack Smith, fruiterer. #41 Mike Stern, petticoat lane cheapjack. #42 Miss May Storey, woman detective. #43 Toni and Yento, one-man band. #44 Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion, plumber and mate. #45 John Tussaud, great-grandson of Madame Tussaud. #46 Mrs. Usher, toffee-apple queen. #47 James Watts, street musician. #48 Donald White, chief uniformed representative of Thomas Cook's. #49 Dr. Neville Whymant, explorer. #50 Douglas, court photographer.

The cards are in Near Mint Condition -and- would look great Framed. Size of each card is approximately 1 3/8"x2 5/8". - $50.00(for the WHOLE set)


Midwest magician/escape artist Jon Oliver poster. Overall black background showing line drawings of Oliver in assorted escape routines.

This poster was used in 1981 and the original design is by Timothy Hussey.

Click on the photo below to see a 'larger size' for better viewing.

Poster is MINT and comes rolled. - $15.00

2668-7894) HOUDINI GROLIER CARD issued by subscription only. The card is approx. 6"x 4 1/2". "The Grolier Story Of America Cards" have a nice write-up on the person or event pictured. Produced back in 1995 it contains a nice biography of Houdini on one side and a photo of Houdini, you dont see very often, on the other side. Hes posing for the camera, arms extended showing two pair of handcuffs around his wrists. Just before he would be nailed into the wooden packing case and lowered into the water for his underwater escape. Most photos you see of this are always AFTER Houdini is already in the box and the box is being lowered into the water. Nice that this photo precedes the moment. - $10.00

2669-7596) 8x10 PHOTO OF HOUDINI

The photo comes from the movie: THE DAYs OF THRILLs AND LAUGHTER

This 1961 film was a composite feature about the films of the Silent Era, of which one of Houdinis movies: "The Man From Beyond" was showcased.

Shows Houdini hanging off the edge of a cliff.

Has a wrinkle or two, but still in great condition.

Original photos, from Houdinis Silent Films from 90 years ago, bring Hundreds of Dollars, so its nice a more modern version can be affordable and Still be 48 Years Old. - $35.00

2670-9548) MAGIC MAGAZINE for November 1993. Volume 3, #3. From cover to cover a total of 76pages.

Articles inside include:

Jay Owenhouse: Magic on the Road. Hes created a unique combination of magic and business; a combination which grosses over $1 million annually. Here's how he does it. (cover photo also)

Orson Welles & Casino Royale. David Berglas and Ali Bongo reminisce about the making of the 1967 James Bond spoof, the magic scenes that made it, and those that didn't.

Batman Meets Houdini. A few months ago, we tipped you off to an upcoming D.C. Comic that joined the forces of Harry Houdini and Batman. Well, The Devil's Workshop is out, and it's not for the squeamish or sensitive.

Advertising and Magic. With more and more magic advertising appearing, it seems appropriate to analyze just how good (or bad) magic ads are. We went to the expert, Michael Diliberto, to give us the basics, plus a few examples of how he would do things differently.

Flim-Flam. Our resident scam-man, Bob Farmer, has come up with something that has all the features of "Three Card Monte" and "The Shell Game", but it's much easier to learn and, in some cases, you can even eat the evidence. - $15.00

2671-3478 - MAHATMA Magazine. America's First and Oldest Magic Magazine.

Click on the link, below, to see photos, descriptions and prices for almost 100 issues of Mahatma.

Fill in the holes in your file - upgrade an issue in your file - possibly COMPLETE YOUR FILE!!

Volume 2, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12 (July 1898-June 1899)
Volume 3, #1,2,6,8,9,10,11,12 (July 1899-June 1900)
Volume 4, #2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (July 1900-June 1901)
Volume 5, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (July 1901-June 1902)
Volume 6, #1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12 (July 1902-June 1903)
Volume 7, #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (August 1903-June 1904)
Volume 8, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (July 1904-June 1905)
Volume 9, #7 ( January 1906)

Please click this link to see all MAHATMA Issues available:

2672-3882) SCIENCE and INVENTION Magazine for April 1929

Inside three items having to do with the world of Magic.

1) "Rev" Ford Faked Houdini Message (Mrs. Houdini Withdrew $10,000 Offer For Message) by Rea Jaure. Periodicals and newspapers, of the time, were ALL trying to capitalize on the fact that Arthur Ford had a signed affidavit saying he had broken the Houdini Code.

2) MAGIC by Dunninger. Four effects are explained. Producing a large bouquet of real roses from beneath a previously examined and totally unprepared foulard. - Cut and Restored Card - The Enchanted Cigar - Chameleon Ball.

3) Full page advertisement for books published by Experimenter Publishing Co. These include Walter Gibson's Popular Card Tricks -and- Houdini's Spirit Expose and Dunninger's Psychical Investigations by Dunninger.

Magazine has some soiling and the usual 'musky' smell you'd expect from a periodical of this age. - $45.00

2673-2625) COSMOPOLITAN Magazine for November 1948. Volume 125, #5.

Spread out over Seven Pages is the article: "How Houdini Did It!" by Joe Whitley.

As the magazine states:

"Not in all entertainment history has there been another man who performed such unbelievable tricks. This master of them all baffled and fascinated the world. Here is how he accomplished his myriad miracles".

Quite interesting reading - complete with a couple of photos. - $35.00

2674-6634) ARGOSY Magazine. Volume 256, # 1 for June 1, 1935.

Magazine is not in the greatest of shape and missing several pages from the back.

Inside, however, is the two page article: "Harry Houdini, handcuff king" under the magazine column "Men of Daring", True Story in Pictures by Stookie Allen.

This offering comes under the heading of you just never know when or where a Houdini article will turn up. This one almost nine years after his passing. - $25.00

2675-5599) AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine. April 1972. Volume 13, #3.

This magazine comes Hardbound, instead of paperbound like most magazines.

Contains "Houdini's High-Flying Hoax" by Art Ronnie.

A wonderful article about the airplanes which collided during the filming of Houdini's movie "The Grim Game". A full six photos in this article -plus- great reading on what was almost tragic, but turned out to be the best thing for the movie. Houdini offered a Huge Reward to anyone who could prove this scene in the movie was not for real.

Since it DID Happen, this was a pretty safe bet and smart of Houdini to capitalize on the publicity, of the almost fatal stunt. - $15.00

2676-3574) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #34. September 1970. Published by Stephen R. Patrick. A great source of information came from the pages of The Magical Bookie. These were issued on legal size paper and ran around 6 pages each. Some printed on one side, some printed on both sides.

This issue contains: Magic At The University of Texas by Stephen A. Sparks - Readers writing in with interesting news, include Claude Crowe, Topper Martin, Mickey Hades, John Henry Grossman, Lt. David F. Ginn, and William F. Becker. - Five books are reviewed.

Need this issue to help complete your file? Or to start your file? - $10.00

2677-4687) MAGICAL BOOKIE Issue #39. March 1972. Published by Stephen R. Patrick.

The second issue offered here contains: Examining Those Wild Book Prices. No author given. - Does Binding Magazines Really Help? by Stephen A. Sparks. - Topper Martyn writes on Non-Magic Books. - Reminiscences of Marcus Henvit. Two full pages. - Magical Appetizers (books and posters available for purchase, their descriptions and from whom) - Notabilia (Stephen R. Patrick's editorials)

Well, here you go - the 2nd Magical Bookie for your file. - $10.00

2678-3579) MAGIC. Vol. 5, #4. October 1995

Nice color portrait of Bess Houdini on the Cover with caption Bess Houdini, Did the woman behind the legend create the Myth?. Several articles in this issue by David Charvet. On page 54, a four page article entitled, Beatrice Houdini. - On page 58, a six page article entitled, Edward Saint. - On page 64, a two page article, Houdini, the film that perpetuated the Legend. - And on page 67, a four page article, Bess Speaks, Janet Leigh talks about the making of Houdini. A Jammed Packed Issue full of great articles and tons of photos (some not published for a long time). - $15.00

2679-3274) AMERICAN FILM MAGAZINE, Volume 3, #6 April 1978

Inside article: "THE MAGICIAN and the MOVIES" by Erik Barnouw.

Before Mr. Barnouw published his 128 page, Hardbound book by almost the same name ("The Magician and the Cinema"), he wrote a smaller version of the topic for the American Film Magazine.

Like the book, this lead-in article discusses the extensive role Magicians played in the evolution of cinema. Magicians created the trick film, which laid the foundation for the special effects of modern cinema. This article shows what Magicians were doing with moving images, magic lanterns, etc. long before the motion pictures.

As a nice bonus, the magazine has a Great Cover shot of Houdinis Rare Poster from his 15-part Silent Movie Serial: THE MASTER MYSTERY. - $15.00

2680-3335) MAGIC Magazine's 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE. September 2001.

For you collector's of the magazine MAGIC, here is a MASSIVE issue with 158pages. Just inside the front cover is a pull out, showing these rest of the magazine covers over the 10 years.

Inside the front cover it states:

The Commemorative Edition Copy Number: 547. Presented at MAGIC...Live!, August 19-22, 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada, celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of MAGIC magazine.

Some of the articles inside include:

Stan Allen: In His Own Words. - As the publication turns ten, questions are answered about how trends and new directions in the ever-changing world of magic have shaped MAGIC into the magazine it is.

Cover Story. - Every cover of MAGIC has a story, yet it's those behind the scenes tales of how and why certain covers came to be that reveal the true persona of the magazine.

Paul Kieve: Theatrical Magic. - When it comes to stage effects caused by illusion, he's become Great Britain's "wizard of ahs," and it all started ten years ago when a director simply asked if he could make H.G. Well's Invisible Man visible.

Reflections on Frank Everhart. - In 1953, he was hired to work at Chicago's Ivanhoe Restaurant bar for one night. He was cantankerous and cynical, but he must have been entertaining and funny, 'cause they asked Frank to stay 21 years.

Shooting Sessions. - "The vibe of the room becomes the visual story," says photographer Damon Webster, as he shares some of his striking images of close-up magicians in and out of sessions.

The Evasons: Marvels of the Mind. - Jeff and Tessa never call themselves psychics, nor do they ask anybody to believe in the paranormal. On the other hand, they don't deny the existence of a phenomenon called extra sensory perception.

What a GREAT ISSUE. If you missed this one, here it is!!! - $20.00

2681-1648) GENII MAGAZINE for October 1992. Volume 55, #12. From cover to cover a total of 70pages.

Starts off with "New Zealand Magic From Down Under". Compiled by Alan Watson. Effects include: Restaurant Cake Production - Mathman's Prophetic Card - Plain Old Fun - Kid Show Bits & Pieces - My Lucky Rabbits - Balloon Animals - Zealando's Ambitious Card - The Hot Video - Chicane's Two Second Coin Load - The Vanishing Shrinking Table Napkin - Comedy Dove From Balloon - Inverto Bottles.

"Magic Section" is next with: Thought Suggestion - Black & White Illusion (illusion plans) - New Jugs For Old - The Body Swap Illusion.

Next is "Featured Articles": Dai Vernon Memoriam - Magicana - Secret Cabaret Live - Under The Banyan Tree - Velvet Mandrake - Fulminations.

Somewhere within these pages, you'll also find my 'first' Full Page color adv. for the Limited Edition Houdini print I offer for sale. That should make you want to buy the magazine PERIOD. Ha!! - $15.00
(See listing #2665-2695, above, for the Houdini Print for sale here, as well!!)

2682-4632) MAGIC MAGAZINE for October 1992. Volume 2, #2. From cover to cover a total of 64pages.

Articles inside include:

Thurston: Where Has All The Magic Gone? Howard Thurston performed his last illusion show on October 6, 1935. Ever wonder what happened to the tons of equipment he toured with? Make Caveney brings us up to date on the "Wonder Show of the Universe".

Thurston's Secrets: Collected and Otherwise. Jim Steinmeyer tells how a little bit of the Thurston show survived all these years on a bookshelf on Central Park West. And with the publication of the Thurston Illusion Show Work Book - Volume Two, how we now have a unique opportunity to see beyond the props.

Dai Vernon. With the passing of Dai Vernon on August 21st, magic saw the end of an era. Here are Larry Jenning's recollections of the man the world knew as "The Professor".

Modem Magic. If you like talking magic, then you might want to take a closer look at magic-related computer bulletin boards. Jim Sisti does just that as he digs into MAGIC! from California and Spider Network from New York.

30 Years of Jubilees. Each fall, magicians of the Northeast migrate to the Catskill Mountains for Tannen's Magic Jubilee. This year marks the 30th annual gathering. Hiawatha covers exactly what sets this convention apart from the rest, while Howard Schwarzman remembers.

LOOK!!! There's my other Houdini Print 'first' Full Page adv. in this magazine too!! - $15.00
(See listing #2665-2695, above, for the Houdini Print for sale here, as well!!)

2683-4573) THE READERs DIGEST Magazine. Volume 101, #604. August 1972.

Inside, a five page biographical account of on the life of Robert-Houdin entitled: "The Magic Touch of Robert-Houdin" by Curtis Cate.

As the magazine states: A Mechanical genius and master of the sleight of hand, he gave the magician's art a new dimension that still dazzles in our day.

This magazine would be a nice edition for you Robert-Houdin collector's, who might have missed this issue, almost 37 years ago. - $25.00

2684-8387) REMINISCE Magazine. Volume 10, #1 - January/February 2000.

Inside is the wonderful, one page, article: "HOUDINI...MY MAGICAL UNCLE" by Marie Hinson Blood.

Marie tells of the many memories of her favorite uncle. - $25.00
(check out the signed photo just below)

2685-0834) - Harry Houdini and Marie Hinson Signed 8x10 Photograph

This photo was produced and signed in 1993.

Houdini and niece, Marie Hinson Blood, taken on set of one of Uncle Harry's silent movies.

HAND SIGNED in 1993 by Marie Blood.

The delightful Marie Blood, niece of Harry Houdini, and the only relative (aside from Bess) to have appeared on stage with, and to have lived in the home of Houdini, passed away on November 2, 2004.

Marie wrote a portion of Pulitzer-Prize winning author Kenneth Silverman's biography on Houdini. She lectured to the national conventions of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.

Along with David Copperfield, Marie introduced the popular HOUDINI POSTAGE STAMP, in New York, on the date the stamp was released to the public. Marie participated in a nationally televised David Blaine publicity stunt (buried beneath a container of water), and was featured on other nationally broadcast Houdini-related specials including THE SEARCH FOR HOUDINI, hosted by Star Trek's William Shatner, as well as several episodes of television's INSIDE EDITION, and a nationally broadcast special, produced by Wisconsin Public Television.

Marie was also featured in TIME MAGAZINE, when she took part in the 50th annual Houdini Sance, in Appleton, WI.

The photograph offered, hand signed by Marie Hinson Blood, was created for appearances at shopping malls, theaters and magician's conventions.

If you had the opportunity to meet Marie at one of the national conventions, you carried away treasured memories of a unique personality, and special memories, not only of Magic's most famous performer, but of his wonderful niece. - $75.00

2686-3838) IN OVER YOUR HEAD by Steve Bedwell

Copyright 2000 by the author.

SoftBound with 16pages.

Previous owners name rubber stamped inside.

The Effect Is As Follows:

A lady from the audience is invited on stage in order to closely observe the magician as he cuts a length of rope in half and then restores it. This effect is repeated several times to the increasing bewilderment of the assisting spectator. - However, unbeknown to the person on stage, the remainder of the audience sees the magician secretly transfer short pieces of rope from his ear to the center of the long rope. The short ropes are then cut and discarded by tossing them over the spectator's head. Because the assistant on stage is unaware of the short pieces of rope and because the long rope is handled in a very open fashion, the cut and restored illusion is truly staggering. Her amazed reaction adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of the audience. - The trick then builds into a crescendo of craziness culminating in an hilarious visual restoration of the rope.

Great detailed description and illustrations.

Book measures approx. 5 1/2"x8 1/2". - $15.00

2687-1398) THE NEW MAGICIAN'S MANUAL by Walter B. Gibson. Paperbound with 142 pages, including the inserted sheets of cardboard "apparatus" required for certain of the tricks. Original copyright is 1936, the edition offered here is first publication in 1975 by Dover Publications, Inc., New York.

Chapters include: Impromptu Magic - Table Magic - Card Magic - Oriental Magic - Mental Magic - Programs of Magic - Additional Magic.

The BONUS offering is: this book is Personally signed by Walter B. Gibson to Chet Karkut

A great addition to your library from the man who gave So Much to the magic fraternity through his writings. - $50.00

2688-1478) THE ORIGINAL HOUDINI SCRAPBOOK written by Walter Gibson

Copyright 1976 and published by Corwin Sterling Publishing, Inc. of New York.

PaperBound with and 224pages. Book measure's approx. 8 1/4"x11"

On the free end page is written:

To Buster
'a Great Guy"
Walter Gibson
December 22, 1977

Not only do you get a Great Book about Houdini - it's AUTOGRAPHED by the author.

It doesn't get much better than this!! - $75.00

2689-8533) HIGHER MAGIC, Magic For The Artist by Oscar Teale.

Copyright 1920. HardBound with a MASSIVE 497pages. Published by Adams Press Print. New York.


First Stage: Literary. This Book (The Authors Salaam). Other Books (Ponsins, Houdins, Hoffmans, Sachs, Hattons)

Second Stage: Retrospection, The Story of Magic (Mythological, Traditional, Historical, Modern Practice)

Third Stage: Evolution. A series of Arguments from Chaos to Art

Fourth Stage: Dramatis Personae. The Man (Personality, Character, Consistency, Stage Deportment)

Fifth Stage: The Dressing Room. Personal Equipment.

Sixth Stage: Practice. The Actual Work.

Seventh Stage: Minor Problems (The Dignity and Importance of Little Things, Simple Things, minor details and Other Things)

Eights Stage: Major Problems (Examples of Origination, Amplification, Development. Higher Magic)

Ninth Stage: Personal (The Author: How he became a Magician. Autobiography.)

Book has seen some use, but still quite a lot of history for a book 89 years old. - $100.00

2690-4286) HOUDINI, THE CAREER OF EHRICH WEISS. By Kenneth Silverman. Hardbound with DustJacket. Measures 6"x9". Copyright 1996. First Edition. Published by HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. New York. 466 pages.

Chapters include: Metamorphoses (One:1874-1898, Two:1899) - Handcuff King (Three:1900-1905, Four:1900-1904, Five:1905-1909) - The Upside Down (Six:January-June 1910, Seven:1910-1913, Eight:1913-1915, Nine:1916-1917, Ten:1918-1919) - A Magician Among The Spirits (Eleven:1920-1922, Twelve:Spring 1922-Spring 1923, Thirteen:January 1923-Spring 1924, Fourteen:Summer 1924, Fifteen:August 1924-February 1925, Sixteen:Fall 1924-Spring 1926 - Paligenesia (Seventeen:January-August 1926, Eighteen:August-November 1926) - Appendix and Source Guide.

This Pulitzer prize winning author, who has also written biographies of Cotton Mather and Edgar A. Poe, has drawn on fresh information to produce a fascinating and rich account of Houdini's life. Silverman tells the story of Houdini's origins as Ehrich Weiss, one of five sons of Rabbi Mayer Weiss, an immigrate from Hungary to America; his theatrical debut in dime museums and burlesque shows during the 1890s; and his rapid rise to stardom that culminated in twenty-five years of worldwide fame. The author also describes Houdini's tangled family life, his war against Spiritualism, and his encounters with such celebrities as Sarah Bernhardt, Jack London, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Most of all, he re-creates the illusions and escapes that Houdini performed throughout Europe, the United States, Russia, and Australia. Amazement's which made Houdini the highest-paid variety artist of his time.

The author treats in depth many unfamiliar facets of Houdini's career: Houdini as an aviator, a fight fan, inventor, author, film-maker, book collector, and fraud-buster. He reveals for the first time Houdini's affair with the widow of a famous American writer and offers new information about his early circus days, his run-ins with anti-Semitism, his struggle to educate himself, his stormy rivalries with other magicians, and his sudden death at the age of fifty-two.

This is Probably THE BOOK when it comes to a biography about Houdini. I remember Ken once telling me, "there are 10 versions for every Houdini story and if I couldn't prove the story as fact from fiction, it didn't belong in my book".

The book is enhanced by more than one hundred photographs of Houdini and his escapes, many never before or rarely published. You have to read this book for yourself, it's simply Amazing!!

As a BONUS, this book has been inscribed and signed by the author"

"6/20/97 For Webster - Pleasure meeting you in Springfield - Ken Silverman".

The best biography about Houdini AND signed by the author, what more could you ask for? - $75.00
(I can, also, provide a NonSigned 1st Edition for $25.00)

2691-5432) MAD MOJO by Andrew Mayne

A book of new and strange magic for the stage, parlor, living room, and beach including impromptu, almost impromptu, and impromptu looking effects and routines.

PaperBound with 93pages.

Previous owners name rubber stamped inside.

Copyright 1998 and published by the author.

The contents page was so detailed, I've reproduced it for you below, for ease in reading.

Measures approx. 8 1/2"x11" - $45.00

2692-6397) THE GREAT HOUDINI BROADCASTs by Val Andrews.

Published in 1981 by Micky Hades Publications. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Staple bound with cloth tape spine.

Houdini died Halloween night, 1926, and it was reported that his secrets had been placed in a locked box to be opened in 1976 - fifty years later. The box, of course, was never found.

What if it had been?

What secrets would have been found?

This two-part fictional radio script has been prepared by the well known British writer Val Andrews.

It is based on the many events which surrounded Houdini's life.

The first part is a series of interviews with six of Houdini's friends, giving a background and insight into the personality of the man.

The second part deals with the opening of the box.

Sit back, relax and take insight to what people might have heard over the radio in 1926 and 1976. - $25.00

2693-4944) THE GREAT ILLUSIONISTs. By Edwin A. Dawes. Hardbound with DustJacket. Copyright 1979 and measures 8"x10". Published by David & Charles. Newton Abbott, London. 216 pages.

As the book states: "By the use of splendid and often unique illustrations of prints, playbills and memorabilia, coupled with a constantly entertaining narrative, this book traces the history of conjuring and illusion through the lives and achievements of the finest practitioners of the art, conjurers whose names have, in many cases, become legend".

Chapters include: In the Beginning - The Learned Animals - Bags, Bubbles and Bottles - The Phenomena - The Conjuring Quacks - Laughing Gas - Phantasmagoric Professors - The Jewish Connexion - Wizards From The North - Science Et La Prestidigitation - They Also Conjured - Egypt and the Sphinx - Maskelyne & Cooke, Royal Illusionists - The Great Gun Trick - Sounds, Shadows and Shackles - Epilogue - References and Notes.

There are over 120 prints, photos and illustrations in this book. A WEALTH of Knowledge you, the reader, will find useful and fascinating. Not to mention the last 10 Pages are on HOUDINI!! - $25.00

The following two listings are for works by Percy Naldrett. Born at Worthing, Sussex, May 17th 1888. His first public appearance was in December 1905. He was a Concert and Drawing Room entertainer. He was with the Servais Le Roy Company in 1912. Author, Publisher and Specialist in letterpress printing of various Technical Handbooks on Magic. J. B. Findlay, in his Seventh Collectors Annual, featured "Percy Naldrett: A Memoir" in 1969.

Both books are paperbound, printed and published by Percy Naldrett in Portsmouth, England. Each measure 5 1/2x8 1/2 and are: $25.00each

2694-1239) MORE COLLECTED MAGIC. September 1921. 91 numbered pages.

Contents include: Compiler's Preamble - Jack Sheppard - The Enchanted Fan - Shades and Shapes - The Zodizignz - The Debur Bands - The Red Hand - An Ingenious Hat Load - A Means to an End - The Elusive Stop - Another Hat Load - The Diving Ball - The Regimental Prize Effect - Woolly Wizardry - On Card Levitations - An Easy Hat Production - Dissolving Silk - The Bretma "Glasgow" Tray.

2695-6598) THE MAGICAL MISCELLANY, Volume Seven Collected Magic Series. October 1926. 96 numbered pages.

Contents include: Divertisement - The Magic Spell - New Patter for the "Trouble-Wit" - The Sympathetic Cubes - The Card Discs - "Shoo!" - A Production Banner - The "How-on-Earth" Tube - The "What-do-you-call-it" - The Enclosure - Tubomania - A Silken Series - Vice Versa - Conjurer's Quoits - "By" - The Penetrating Tumbler - Magnetized Thought - The Lady of the Rose - The Sympathetic Star - L'Envoi

2696-2585) 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases by Burling Hull. Copyright 1947 by Burling Hull. Paperbound. 40pages. Numbered in the upper right corner on the cover: 1493

Some descriptions include: The Mysterious Knots - The Kellar Tie - The Improved Kellar Tie - The Figure 8 Tie - The Mysterious Tie - B.H. Strangle Rope Tie - New Spirit Tape Tie - The Twentieth Century Tie - B.H. Triumph Tie - The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie - The Excelsior Rope Tie - The Rings and Vest Trick - Novel Faked Rope - The Novelty Tie - Release - Cotton Bandage Test - B.H. Collapsible Cabinet - B.H. Folding Cabinet - Tape Tie - The Vest Turning Trick - Vanishing Knots - Dissolving Knots - The Magic Knot - The Linking Ring - Borrowed Ring on Cord - The Master Challenge of Mummy Tie, with 50 or 75 Feet of Rope - Being Tied in Any Position - Tied in a Chair - The Siberian Transport Chain - B.H. Simplified Chain Release - The B.H. "Best" Chain Release - The B. and H. Chain Release - Mysto shackle Escape - Ankle Shackle Escape - B.H. Chain Shackle Release - Spirit Locks - Old Model Spirit Locks - B.H. Spirit Lock - The Chained Sack Escape.

A manual for the Profession on the art of rope tying and methods of obtaining releases from ropes, chains and shackles. - $25.00

2697-3279) HOUDINIs STRANGE TALES. A collection of fiction by the legendary Harry Houdini edited by Houdini expert Patrick Culliton and T. L. Williams. What you get here is a book AND/OR cassette. The book contains Seven Short Stories; Three One-Act Plays -and- Eight Film Treatments.

As Patrick Culliton puts it: "a collection of Houdinis fiction as ever published. Despite the fact that most of the pieces in this book were actually published in various print media during his lifetime, very few people have been aware of their existence. The material in this book was quite difficult to find."

The book was published in 1992 and contains just under 100 pages. I obtained a small number of these directly from Mr. Culliton. He was even kind enough to personally sign the book.

The second part of this offering has to do with Patrick Culliton getting together with some of his Hollywood friends and recording some of the stories. Pats joined on the cassette tape by: David Carradine, Cherie Currie, Robert Hays, Michael Cavanaugh, Tracey Williams, Nicholas Kepros, John Blyth Barrymore, Eugia Edwards, T. A. Waters, Doug Botnick, Wendy Talley, Gail Jensen and Allan Jones. Im sure most of you recognize some of these actors and magicians.

A great piece of work by Pat and Tracey. I Guarantee youll ENJOY reading and listening to these stories by Houdini. - The Book is $25.00, the Cassette $15.00 -or- the pair for $35.00

2698-4329) THE GEISHA BOY starring Jerry Lewis - Movie Lobby Card

The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a magician who is entertaining GIs in Japan. Upon their arrival he causes a series of unfortunate mishaps for the headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), including knocking her down a flight of stairs and rolling her up in the red carpet. An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano) witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy) brings the boy to Wooley to thank him, he and the boy become close, which irritates the aunt's boyfriend, a Japanese baseball player, as well as a stewardess (Suzanne Pleshette) who has fallen for Wooley.

Wooley continues to perform his act to large audiences in Japan, and not wanting to disappoint the boy by letting him find out that he is an unknown performer in the U.S., he tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return to America. The boy follows him, and Wooley must pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, he still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited and Wooley becomes a successful performer in America.

The Lobby Card is in Near Mint Condition and comes framed, in a 'floating style'. You might be able to see some reflection in the framed image, below, due to the reflective glass.

There are some small/light pin holes, in the boarder area. Hard to see and somewhat repaired from the backside.

Lobby card measures 11"x14". The overall frame size is approx. 22 1/4"x19 1/4". The three layered matt's are a dark charcoal, light blue, and a reddish orange. The frame, itself, is a black metal.

This is THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER LOBBY CARD from this movie. - $125.00

2699-1303) A HAUNTING WE WILL GO Movie Lobby Card from Mexico.

For those of you collecting material from this 1942 Laurel and Hardy movie, you know how HARD American movie memorabilia pieces are to come by. Well, what's offered here is even harder - it's the Lobby Card from the Mexican Release.

Larger in size than our American Lobby Cards, this piece measures approx. 12 1/2"x 16 1/2". There are a few pin holes (which are to be expected), but I would say the Lobby Card still grades EXCELLENT in condition, if not Near Mint.

Great color, drawings, etc. around most of the card, but what makes this card so desirable is the photo of Laurel and Hardy, Sheila Ryan and DANTE the Magician.

This has been Professionally double Matted and Framed. The frame is Great Looking Black Wood. And, whats interesting about the frame is the fact: the outside and inside edges of the wood have been amazingly shaved to have the same appearance as the angle/cuts of the mattes themselves - complimenting one other. Overall measurement approx. 18x24.

Wouldn't this SCARCE Lobby Card look nice hanging on your wall?!! - $250.00

2700-4142) A HAUNTING WE WILL GO Title American Movie Lobby Card from the 1942 Laurel and Hardy movie.

This measures 11"x14" and shows Laurel/Hardy wearing turbans. Plus, there's the Color photo insert of DANTE, The Magician.

This Lobby Card was originally offered with a typed written and signed Stan Laurel postcard. A collector wanted the PC, thus leaving me to now offer this Lobby Card by itself.

There are no pin holes in this card. The Lobby Card is in Near Mint Condition and comes framed, in a 'floating style'. You might be able to see some reflection in the framed image, below, due to the reflective glass.

Lobby card measures 11"x14". The overall frame size is approx. 22 1/4"x19 1/4". The three layered matt's are a dark charcoal, light blue, and a reddish orange. The frame, itself, is a black metal.

Very Scarce Title Lobby Card - $350.00

2701-1307) THE MAD MAGICIAN - Movie Lobby Card

This chiller 3-D movie, from 1954, is about Don Gallico, a master at designing magical illusions which are sold by his employer, Mr. Ormond, to famous magicians such as Rinaldi. He is also a master of disguise and realistic mask design. When Don embarks upon his own career, as Gallico the Great, showcasing his own masterful illusions, his dreams are shattered by Ormond and he turns to murder to vent his frustrations.

The movie starred Vincent Price (as The Mad Magician), Eva Gabor, Mary Murphy and Patrick O'Neal.

There are a few pin holes, age discoloration, an edge tear and a wrinkle, here and there.

The Lobby Card comes framed, in a 'floating style'. You might be able to see some reflection in the framed image, below, due to the reflective glass.

Lobby card measures 11"x14". The overall frame size is approx. 22 1/4"x19 1/4". The three layered matt's are a dark charcoal, light blue, and a reddish orange. The frame, itself, is a black metal.

This is THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER LOBBY CARD from this movie, showing the Magician producing his young, lovely assistant. - $125.00

2702-2596) A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CONJURING PERIODICALS IN ENGLISH: 1791-1983 by James B. Alfredson and George L. Daily, Jr.

For those of you who collect magazines, Jim and George are definitely the "Toole Stott" of their time. What a book these two put out back in 1986. 396 pages PACKED with thousands of listings. If nothing else, this book makes a great check list, so you (the reader) can see just what it takes to complete that file of magazines youve been working on for years. Or to check those magazine files you already own and want to find out if theyre Really Complete.

This book is in Mint Condition. The person, I obtained this from, had never used it. Can you imagine? His lost, your gain. - $85.00
Some of you I've done business with for many years. Some of you are just getting to know me. I've written a little biography on myself, if you'd like to get a better idea of whom you're dealing with - check out:

As a little bonus, in the bio., I've included 40+ photos of RARE Houdini items. Some from my Personal Collection.

I'm more than pleased to offer LayAway, if you should need this service.

If this is for you, just ask and I'll give you the rest of the details.

A Postal Money Order or PayPal payment gets the item(s) shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Unless payment arrives on Friday, Saturday or I'm out of town. ALL other forms of payment must clear first.

If using PayPal, my account ID name is the same as my email address:

If mailing your payment, please use some of the information listed below:

Stephen A. Sparks
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P. O. Box 1345
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281-827-4001 (Cell) (Email) (WebSite)

Gran*Houdini (Ebay ID)

It's appreciated, if you would forward this List onto someone whom you feel would enjoy reading it.

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Re: Bess and Harry HOUDINI~DANTE Movie Title Lobby Card~Marie Blood~The Fays MagicToken, etc.

Postby GranHoudini » January 15th, 2009, 6:49 pm

Since the above post(two days ago), the following have sold from the HomePage:

2653-1387) - The Fays Magic Token @ $45.00

2654-8764) - The True Secret of Mind Reading (Zancig's) @ $25.00

2656-5333) 8x10 repro of Houdini sitting in his bi-plane (framed) @ $25.00 (have another)

2668-7894) Houdini Grolier Card @ $10.00 (have another)

AND, the following have sold from the assorted SubPages: Books, Magazines, RareHH, etc.:

2588-7822) THE RIGHT WAY TO DO WRONG, an Expose' of Successful Criminals. By Harry Houdini. 1970s reprint. @ $20.00

a) THE MASTER MYSTERY, Episode #13 @ $15.00 (have another)

2552-7899) THE FINAL HOUDINI SEANCE LP @ $50.00

2565-1358) SIXTY YEARs OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Houdini And I Among The Spiritualist by Joseph F. Rinn. @ $85.00


2454-5314) HOW I GET OUT OF A STRAIT-JACKET by Harry Houdini. Ladies Home Journal for May 1918. @ $75.00

MAGICK Magazine - Complete Original File!! @ $2000.00

Haven't had a chance to checkout my WebSite yet?!!

Please do so.

Thanks and email if you've any questions,

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