Maskelyne and Devant...Together Again!

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Maskelyne and Devant...Together Again!

Postby Todd Karr » January 11th, 2009, 6:53 pm

Hi, everyone:

Really exciting news: our new 2-CD collection: Maskelyne and Devant: The Literary Works of England's Premier Illusionists.

Maskelyne and Devant dominated the world of English magic for decades during their heyday in London with their resident shows at Egyptian Hall and St. George's Hall. Their elaborate stage illusions and original effects, such as Devant's legendary Mascot Moth and Maskelyne's beautiful levitation, entertained generations of audiences and puzzled magicians as well.

This set is essential reading for any magician, stage illusionist, or historian. It's on sale now for $40 for the double-CD set (regular $50) at The Miracle Factory

You get some of their rarest and most informative writings...and some of their most precious secrets, too:

David Devant: Hand Shadows (1901), Woes of a Wizard (1903), Our Magic (with Nevil Maskelyne, 1911), Tricks for Everyone (1913), Magic Made Easy (1921), My Magic Life (1931), The Best Tricks and How to Do Them (1931), and Secrets of My Magic (1936)

John Nevil Maskelyne: Modern Spiritualism (1876), The Supernatural? (with Lionel Weatherly, 1891), Sharps and Flats (1894), and The Fraud of Theosophy Exposed (1912)

Jasper Maskelyne: Maskelyne's Book of Magic (1936), White Magic: The Story of Maskelynes (1936)

Bonus materials include contemporary news articles, magazine pieces by Devant, and even Maskelyne's typewriter patent. All material is in convenient PDF form on two CDs with an index of all contents.

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory

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