Erdnase Scroll & Research

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Todd Karr
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Erdnase Scroll & Research

Postby Todd Karr » December 26th, 2008, 5:23 pm

Hi, everyone:

I've uncovered a few new articles on the trail of conman E.S. Andrews, who is a strong candidate for the real man behind Erdnase. No smoking deck yet but more insight and leads.

These items and my complete research is included in The Erdnase Scroll, the lavish, hand-produced, 40-foot scroll version of The Expert at the Card Table that I'm releasing through The Miracle Factory. It's like the Torah of Erdnase, as David Regal puts it.

The text includes my complete research including over two dozen facsimile reproductions of the original news items and the complete case docket of Andrews' 1904 arrest for his clever schemes that pilfered cash and diamonds from professionals around the Midwest. (If you can't order one, the basic research is still on Magical Past-Times )

A couple quick notes on The Erdnase Scroll: Limited to 300 copies, all hand-made, signed, and numbered. The title page is hand-tinted using watercolor and india ink with gold and silver accents, and the scroll itself comes in a forest-green velour pouch with gold embroidery and a gold tasseled drawstring. It's truly stunning...order yours while you can at the introductory price of $250 (regular $300), postpaid in the U.S.

Visit The Miracle Factory to order your copy of this unique, wonderful version of Erdnase's superb book!
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Todd Karr
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Re: Erdnase Scroll & Research

Postby Todd Karr » January 9th, 2009, 7:58 pm

More exciting news.

My research has led to some really interesting new material on the con man named E. S. Andrews who I believe is a strong candidate for Erdnase.

1. It turns out E. S. Andrews was using an assumed name.

2. Not only did I find his real name, but a quick glance at The Expert at the Card Table showed that very name in a very obvious way. When you see it, you'll be amazed you didn't notice it before. In fact, it appears in five different ways!

3. Everything totally corresponds with my other research about the con man E. S. Andrews.

4. I've traced his illegal activities to several states and back into the 1890s.

5. I found relatives' names including a wife and children.

6. The use of an assumed name helps explain why after his arrest in Wisconsin, E. S. Andrews wrote to the local newspaper to stress he'd never gone under another name...he was likely trying to avoid anyone looking into his past crimes under his real name, and perhaps to protect his family as well!

I'll be following up these leads and hopefully I will get some kind of confirmation that will link this man to magic, gambling, or writing!

All my facts for now will only be available as part of our Erdnase Scroll. Buy one now or consult a friend's if you're curious! It's still at the introductory price of $250 (regular $300).

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory

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