Magical Missing Persons

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Magical Missing Persons

Postby Todd Karr » January 9th, 2009, 7:31 pm

Hi, everyone!

Very exciting news. I've made some major advances in solving two long-standing mysteries of two enigmatic characters in the magic scene: Erdnase and "Doc" Nixon.

1. Erdnase
Our beautiful Erdnase Scroll will contain the full account of some NEW research which has just come through THIS WEEK. Here's what I think I've found (and as a journalist and historian, I'm a pretty hard skeptic about facts): the REAL name of the conman named E. S. Andrews who I believe is Erdnase; the hidden place Andrews seems to have revealed his name, in full view of everyone for 100 years (you'll kick yourself when you see this); accounts of this intelligent scoundrel's activities back into the 1890s; and traces of his family. Get your copy while you can at the introductory price of $250 for a true treasure! See The Miracle Factory

2. Doc Nixon
William J. "Doc" Nixon was a feature vaudeville performer whose "Where Do the Ducks Go?" routine, Checker Cabinet, Spirit Paintings, and other routines became standards of their day. A tireless inventor, builder, writer, and performer, Nixon suddenly disappeared in the 1930s, leaving magicians to wonder, "Where Did the Doc Go?" Through the decades, the mystery of what happened to Doc Nixon has intrigued magicians. One story was that he had joined a religious order and retired to a monastery. I've researched Nixon's path for years and think I've found the end of the story.

Our new CD collection, The Mysterious Doc Nixon: The Master Stage Magician and His Strange Disappearance collects over 150 of Nixon's stage routines, many illustrated with blueprints. You'll find long-lost secrets of illusions, stage props, mental magic, and spirit effects, along with a huge collection of rare Nixon writings and memorabilia from Nixon's own recently uncovered files, including letters from some of his top clients such as Thurston and Downs. Over 300 pages of material in convenient PDF form on CD for easy searching.

Order now and save $10! Price is only $20 (regular $30). Visit us to see full contents and images! It's essential reading for the serious illusionist and historian!

Best wishes,

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