Mind Projector for sale at a great price (Used by professionals like Andrew Gerard)

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Mind Projector for sale at a great price (Used by professionals like Andrew Gerard)

Postby Zayne » October 22nd, 2008, 7:56 pm

This is selling for $65 on hocus-pocus.com

I sell it for $35 shipping included.

I received mine today but I already had a very similar gimmick so the mind projector is still in brand new condition.

I only ship to the US and Canada only

Here's a description of the effect:

Imagine you have the power to get into others heads, what would you do? Would you be satisfied just to read their mind? Or would it be more interesting if you can leak your thought into theirs, and have them think of what you would like them to? This is what MIND PROJECTOR is about!

Effects included:
The Invisible Card - A card is openly placed face down on the table by the performer as a prediction. A random audience member is selected and asked to merely imagine and name any card at all. Surely, what the spectator randomly chose is the prediction! Think of this as an invisible deck effect with just ONE card...

The Mind-Tune - The performer talks about how human minds can be in sync together, like an iPod plugging to a computer. A member of the audience is given a deck of cards to shuffle, and remember one card from the shuffled deck himself. Another member of audience is invited on stage. The spectator with a card remembered in his mind is asked to focus on this thought and project it to the other person on stage. The untrained spectators successfully send and read minds!
The possibilities are insane! The ceiling is the limit if you stay indoors.

"A concept straight from Tarbell with amazing twists. Having the MIND PROJECTOR is like having the real power to get into people's mind. Finally, theres something really impromptu for all the working professionals. All magic should be this good!" -- Andrew Gerard, Hypnotist, Criss Angel Consultant

Willie Tsai has taken the old thing, tap the dust off, and turned it into a completely different concept. I like it! -- Murray Hatfield, producer and star of Magic 'N Miracles, Canada's largest annual touring magic and illusion show

Magic with Taste - Will Tsais Jewelery Magic Series, crafted by the infamous jewelery artist Jay S. H.


At the end of your show, you invite a totally random stranger up on stage, claim that no minds can be read if the participant refuse to participate in the experiment unless if the mind reader is as good as you are Putting this challenge upon yourself, you ask the participant to think of the most dirty inner secret of hers, that she has never shared with anyone. Look at her in the eyes. Smile strangely. Pull out a sharpie and write it down. Yes, you correctly guess the secret and the audience go nuts.

Keep in mind that this is all done with no pre-show, no gimmick- swami, nail writer in fact, NOTHING. It is that clean!! Nope, I know what you are thinking, the participant is a complete stranger!! Its a real mind reading sequence with nothing but you and the skill you are about to obtain in the manuscript. It is a real deal that Will Tsai still close his corporate shows with now!

This manuscript was only offered with the purchase of the book Visual and Psycho Perception by Will Tsai in Japanese version. The book was limited to 150 copies and was completely sold out.

Comes complete with manuscript and special gimmick.

Contact me at: zaynekendrick@hotmail.com

Thank you for looking

Zayne Kendrick
6027 Alain Brossard

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