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Specializing in Houdiniana
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Spring, Texas 77383-1345 USA

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While I'm here, here's the list of items:

2535-6534) TOWER "DOUBLE LOCK" LEG-IRONs.[/b] From the HOUDINI-HARDEEN Collection.

In 1995, I purchased a wonderful Houdini Collection from a gentleman in Florida. In addition to all the items in this Collection, there were several sets of Handcuffs which belonged to Houdini.

Whats offered here is the Tower "Double Lock" Leg-Irons.

The TOWER company came into being some time around 1874, the date of the first Tower patent. Its restraints remained in production, in one form or another, until the 1940s. Some collector's believe that its products were made by the Union Hardware Company, right from the start, but others think that this firm only became involved when it took over the TOWER business at an unknown, but rather later date.

The TOWER cuffs have a lock case, on the inside of the bow, and is distinguished by the position of the keyhole at the bottom of the lock case. This keyhole proved to be awkward, making it difficult to unlock the leg-iron cuffs. These leg-iron cuffs came with an improved Double Locking feature.

The TOWER DOUBLE LOCK cuffs were the standard of the industry for decades.

Below, are assorted photos of the Leg Irons, their display box, a close up of the name plate and the assorted provenance letters.

The Leg Irons are in working order. The photos, below, show the cuffs in the closed and open position.

The key is the Original Key, which came with the Leg Irons.

The Leg Irons come with three letters, showing you how they are traced back to HOUDINI.

One letter is a xerox, from the gentleman in Florida, telling about the collection and how it came to be in his possession.

The second letter is another xerox (dated 1979) from William Mahan (to the gentleman in Florida), stating the handcuffs, etc. were obtained from Hardeen, who had told Mr. Mahan, the material came from Houdinis collection.

Mr. Mahan was a CLOSE Personal Friend of the Hardeen family and obtained a lot of Houdinis material during Hardeens later life.

A portion of the letter from Mr. Mahan (dated October 10, 1979) states:

I am sorry that you missed out on the collection of magic I sold to Goulet. But, I am happy that you got the things Ray didn't. The red drape I gave you belonged to Adelaide Hermann; it was given to Lady Ruth, my wife. Also, the ivory (yellow) tipped wand you received was Theo Hardeen's. We were close to Hardeen you know. I'm giving you this wand with with a set of lock picks. I got the picks, and the handcuffs I sold, from Hardeen who told me they came from Houdini's collection. Theo's gifts were the heart of my collection. Pete, if I can be of any assistance regarding any of the posters, magic apparatus, memorabilia, etc., please don't hesitate to ask.

The last letter is from me, stating how the collection came to be in my possession.

The handcuffs have been placed in a Walnut Box, which has a glass lid, so the handcuffs may be viewed. The box measures 12"x18"x3" Deep. The box has a nice varnish and is a bit darker than the photos, below, show. The handcuffs are resting on a pillow of Red Satin (also, a bit darker than the photos show below).

There is a name plate, on top of the glass lid, describing the cuffs. The box has two latches which can either be opened or locked (keys included).

As a little Bonus, I will include a Copy of a Lengthy Newspaper article (Sunday, July 3, 1988, with photos) written about the gentleman in Florida by Times Staff Writer Laura Griffin. - $7,500.00

2536-5323) HANDCUFF SECRETS by Harry Houdini.

This hardbound book was published by George Routledge and Sons, Ltd. in London and by E.P. Dutton & Co. in New York in 1910. 110 pages.

Pictorial board covers.

Chapters include:

Opening Sealed Handcuffs
Blunders of Some Handcuff Exposures
Fake or Spoof Manacle
American Manacles
Lock Pickers
Safe-opening Micrometer
Skeleton Keys
Cologne Police Sued For Libel
More Lock-picking Implements
Strait-Jacket Release
Method of Escape
Historical Lock-picking Contests, with James Sargent as the Centre Figure
Handcuffs and Their Keys

In additional to all this Priceless information, there are 49 photo illustrations to go along with all this informative text.

The covers are still on the book, attached with a red cloth tape.

The outer edges, of the front cover, are lined in ink, as if there might have been tape in this area, as well, but now gone.

The pages inside are just fine.

This book is RARE in any condition. - $650.00

2537-6155) THE UNMASKING OF ROBERT-HOUDIN by Harry Houdini. Hardbound.

Published by The Publishers Printing Company. New York. 319pages.

Chapters include:

Significant Events in the Life of Robert-Houdin - The Orange-Tree Trick - The Writing and Drawing Figure - The Pastry Cook of the Palais Royal - The Obedient Cards, The Cabalistic Clock, The Trapeze Automaton - The Inexhaustible Bottle - Second Sight - The Suspension Trick - The Disappearing Handkerchief - Robert-Houdin's Ignorance of Magic as Betrayed by His Own Pen - The Narrowness of Robert-Houdin's "Memoirs"

A BookPlate, or something, has been removed from the inside of the front cover. A little paper loss, but not as much as could have been, if done improperly.

First Edition. No DustJacket was issued with this book. Copyright 1908.. - $375.00

2538-9753) A MAGICIAN AMONG THE SPIRITs by Harry Houdini.

Original copyright 1924.

This is a Beautiful edition published by Time/Life Books back in 1991.

Book is HardBound with 294 SILVER GILT EDGED pages.

It also has an attached ribbon bookmark.

Chapters include:

The Founders of Modern Spiritualism
The Davenport Brothers
Daniel Dunglas Home
Ann ODelia Diss Debar
Dr. Slade and His Spirits Slates
Slate Writing and Other Methods
Spirit Photography
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Why Ectoplasm
By-products of Spiritualism
Investigations, Wise and Otherwise
How Mediums Obtain Information
What You Must Believe To Be A Spiritualist
Magicians as Detectors of Fraud

If you don't want to pay around $300 for the First Edition, this book makes a great reading copy.

If you don't have a copy of this book in your library, now's the time to do so.

Book is in Great Condition. - $25.00


Published quarterly by David E. Zver in Bethlehem, PA.

Magazines measure approx. 8 1/2"x11"

This offering includes 16 issues:

V2N1(1992) - V2N2(1992) - V2N3(1992) - V2N4(1993)
V3N1(1993) - V3N2(1993) - V3N3(1993) - V3N4(1994)
V4N1(1994) - V4N2(1994) - V4N3(1994) - V4N4(1995)
V5N1(1995) - V5N3(1995) - V5N4(1996)
V6N1 - no year given

Some of the articles/effects include:

Bruce Barnett: Around A Fire Bright

Loth Christian: Dracula's Return - The Hand of Glory - Special Killer's Inn - Cat

Pascal de Clermont: Psy-Phone - Pyramidal Prediction

Kate-Anne Gedicke: Palms Up! - In A Mirror Dark - Confessions of a Lazy Mage

Bob Gillard: Time of Death

Sabastian N. Krypt: The Cleansing - The Manitou - In The Darkness, What Waits? - Natural Magick - Anti-Reality - Cleansing Flame, Healing Flame - Fire Fly - Bad Man's Hand - Puppet Theatre Guignol - The Most Dangerous Game - Water Witching Off The Cuff - Rings Of Power

Joe Lantiere: The I-Mage of Bizarre Magicians - The Magicians Wand

Ed Loveland: The Myan Spirits of Teotihuacan - Coffin Nails Plus - Spooked Horse

Jim Magus: High Tech Bizarre. Electric Voodoo - Dust 'N' Bones - Haunted Diskette

Larry Meaux: Bits and Pieces

C.S. Miller: Deluxe Drawer Box

Cris Peters: The Glove or Freddy's Back!

Christian Pohl: Inquisition

Carl Rehmer: The Other Side - Sand Magick - From The Ashes - Ushebti - Sleight of Hand in Magick - In The Beginning - The Hand of Tod - Puzzler

James E. Sansotera: Fortune Foretold - I-Ching Prediction

Victor Sansoucie: Deadly Talisman

Thom Smythe: Stickless I-Ching

Bob Tanner: Chiselled In Stone

Paul Tess: I-Ching Sticks

Jeff Stortz and David E. Zver: Lizzie Borden Took An Axe...

David E. Zver: Let's Grow! - Spirit Slates, A Modern Alternative - Some Runic Notions - A Dead Man Tells A Tale - Using The Runes - Tarot Relativity - Nailed! - The Invisible College - How Powerful Are We? - Names and Magick

The following inserts are included:

V2N4 - Illustrations sheet for Cleansing Titual
V3N2 - Before You Go On Notice
V3N4 - Special Guest Editorial Bonus

If you're into Bizarre Magick - then this is for you. - $150.00


Complete File!!

A total of seven issues (numbered 1 thru 7) from June 1974 to August 1975.

Published monthly by Clarke Crandall. Hollywood, California.

Issues measure approx. 8 1/2"x11"

N7 published after Crandall's death by Lloyd Jones - $35.00


A limited edition (and numbered) plate produced in 1999 by the Bradford Exchange.

Measuring 7" across, "Magician Mickey" is a combination of hand cast, hand painted cold cast resin and fine hard fired porcelain.

Bringing together the intricacy of sculpture, the vividness of hard-fired porcelain and the eternal charisma of Mickey Mouse, this charming collector's plate honors the 70th anniversary (1928 -1998) of one of the most popular animated stars of all time. Against a background inspired by animators' model sheets stands a wonderfully dimensional, hand-painted figure of Mickey Mouse.

As can be seen from the photo below, Mickey, in full tux, has a fan of cards streaming from his waist high held left hand, to his head high held right hand. The cards continue from there along the right side boarder of the plate. On the left side boarder, of the plate, is a rabbit and wand. In the bowl, of the plate, are four different drawings of Mickey. - $65.00

2542-7776) [b]Norman Rockwells THE MAGICIAN Collector Plate

Produced by Knowles, "North Americas Oldest Name in Fine China".

The plate, made of China, is 8 1/2" in diameter, a Limited and Numbered Edition.

The plate has a Great Scene of a turn of the century Magician, on stage with a small boy.

The magician has just produced a rabbit, from a hat, the boy is holding in his right hand.

The boys expression is that of wonderment.

Mine looks great hanging next to all the other magical themed plates on my wall. - $75.00


Published in 1928 by Experimenter Publishing Co., Inc. New York.

Paperbound and measures approx. 8 1/2"x11 3/4" with 112pages.

Tons of information from "Houdinis own notes" on: Eva C., Eusapia Palladino, Lily Dale, Katie King, Table Rapping, Spirit Photography, etc. etc.

Covers have some soiling, stains and tears. 90+% of the pages inside are just tine.

In Mint Condition, I've seen these sell up to $100.00. Most, in average condition, sell for around $50.00.

We will price this one for the Very Low price of: $40.00


These include:

1) Houdini giveaway photograph with space at the bottom for signing. His expression says specially for you.
2) Houdini image used to make translucent window signs for advertising purposes.
3) Houdini the Handcuff King.
4) Houdini first performed his milk can escape in 1904.
5) Houdini was performing cell escapes as early as the year 1900.

Released back in 1991 by Englands own David De-Val. - $15.00(for all five)

2545-3807) Creator of Magic & Magicians HARLAN TARBELL With His Revolutionary Study Course

Eugene E. Gloye's story of the life of Harlan Tarbell and his rich contributions to the literature and performance of twentieth-century theatrical magic.

Introduction by Alton Sharpe.

PaperBound and measures 6x8 1/2. 46pages. Previous owners name rubber stamped on the free end page.

Copyright 1993 and published by Abracadabra Press. Balboa Island, California.

Contents include:

Publisher's Note - Introduction: Strolling Along with Tarbell - In Gratitude - Tarbell the Innovator - A Natural Artist - The Famous Course - Marketed Magic - Other Publications.

This book was limited to only 250 numbered and signed copies, of which this is number 131.

The last page, of the book, tells of this and shows Eugene Gloye's autograph. - $45.00

2546-7897) MAGICK Magazine

Published biweekly in Laguna Beach, California by Bascom Jones.

Some of the best minds in Mentalism (if not ALL the best minds) contributed to this magazine which ran from 1970 into the 1990s.

Need to fill in some of the gaps in your collection, well then this offer is for you!!

100s and 100s of issues are listed below.

Odd numbered issues came with Bonus Inserts (Tips and Techniques Bonus).

Of the list, below, if the issues have the Bonus Inserts included, you will see an * (asterisk) next to the issue number.

If there's no asterisk, next to the odd numbered issue, then the Bonus Insert is missing.

With complete original sets getting really HARD TO FIND - and - the bound Reprints bringing high prices, what a nice addition this offering is for you magazine collectors.

And remember, the Collector's Workshop reprints are NOT a complete file of this magazine.

Prices Are As Follows:

Purchase 1-25 assorted issues @ $5.00each
Purchase 26-50 assorted issues @ $4.50each
Purchase 50(or more) assorted issues @ $4.00each

Orders of $500(or more) will be shipped free.
Issues #4 and 28 have the word "filed" written (and circled) in the upper right corner.













302,303*,304,305*,306,307*,309*,310,326,327*,328,329*,330,339*,340,341*,342,343*,345*,346,348, 429*


This statue is die cast pewter-silver-plated, with cut crystals.

Shows Emmett Kelly, Jr. standing behind his magicians table, holding a magicians hat in his left hand (of which theres a cut crystal ball coming out of the top). His right hand is holding a rabbit, by the rabbits ears. On top of the table are fans of cards and a pair of dice. On the base, around the table, are all kinds of items: silks, four more rabbits, two more round cut crystals balls, three linking rings, etc. etc. On the front of the floor base, "The Magician" is stamped into the metal. The statue stands 5" tall and the floor-base is 5"x3". All this stands on a wooden stand. This stand measures 6"x4 1/2".

This 1992 limited statue was Exclusively produced, in the United Kingdom, for Flambro imports. Being made of pewter, its quite heavy - weighing 3 pounds by itself.

Click any of the thumbnail photos, below, to see the larger photo.

The detail in this piece is Amazing and comes in the original packing box. - $85.00

2548-1307) THE MAD MAGICIAN Lobby Card

This chiller 3-D movie, from 1954, is about Don Gallico, a master at designing magical illusions which are sold by his employer, Mr. Ormond, to famous magicians such as Rinaldi. He is also a master of disguise and realistic mask design. When Don embarks upon his own career, as Gallico the Great, showcasing his own masterful illusions, his dreams are shattered by Ormond and he turns to murder to vent his frustrations.

The movie starred Vincent Price (as The Mad Magician), Eva Gabor, Mary Murphy and Patrick O'Neal.

There are no pin holes in this card. The Lobby Card is in Near Mint Condition and comes framed, in a 'floating style'. You might be able to see some reflection in the framed image, below, due to the reflective glass.

Lobby card measures 11"x14". The overall frame size is approx. 22 1/4"x19 1/4". The three layered matt's are a dark charcoal, light blue, and a reddish orange. The frame, itself, is a black metal.

This is THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER LOBBY CARD from this movie, showing the Magician producing his young, lovely assistant. - $125.00

2549-4532) DOUG HENNINGs: The Magic Show Broadway Cast Record Album

Produced by Phil Ramone and Stephen Schwartz. Released in 1974 by Bell Records. Almost a dozen songs from the show, with the lyrics on the LPs paper cover.

The front of the album cover kind of looks like a Peter Max drawing of the 1970s, but was actually done by artist David Edward Byrd.

Back cover shows four great scenes from this Broadway Play.

Complete with "HEXAFLEXAGON", which you don't see offered very often.

Song selections include:

SIDE ONE: Up To His Old Tricks - Solid Silver Platform Shoes - Lion Tamer - Style - Two's Company.

SIDE TWO: Charmin's Lament - The Goldfarb Variations - West End Avenue - Sweet, Sweet, Sweet - Before Your Very Eyes - Finale.

If you're into Doug Henning and maybe missed this 34 years ago (WOW, can you believe its been that long?), heres your chance. - $50.00


Music by Peter Schat and text by Adrian Mitchell.

An Original 3-record box LP set of records from this 1977 production held in Amsterdam.

Jerold Norman played Houdini. Howard Peters was the Escapologist. Stage sets were by Floris Guntenaar. Costumes by Leonie Polak. Directed by Donya Feuel.

This is a Live recording, of the first performance, by the Netherlands Opera Foundation.

This 3-record box set is in Mint Condition and Unused. Truly a SCARCE recording.

Included with this is equally hard-to-find 45 page Libretto with all the words of the Opera. Has many, many photos. - $50.00(three record set) - $35.00/Libretto -or- $75.00 for both

2551-4578) CHANDU The Magician LP

A George Garabedian Production. Released by Mark56 Records back in 1974.

Original radio broadcasts. - $25.00


Recorded on October 31, 1936 (10 years after Houdini's death) and narrated by George L. Boston. Featuring the voices of Mrs. Harry Houdini and Dr. Edward Saint.

A George Garabedia Production. Produced in 1975 by Mark56 Records of Anaheim, California.

Great shot on Cover of Houdini's head, 'ghostly' superimposed over a graveyard site.

This world wide final Houdini Sance took place on Halloween night, on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood, California.

This was to be the greatest attempt to pierce the unknown, and form a spirit contact that was ever conceived by mortal man. It was on this night that Mrs. Harry Houdini made the supreme effort to reach her beloved husband, Houdini.

Over 300 invited guest formed the outer circle, while 13 scientists, occulogists, newspapermen, magicians, spiritual leaders and other friends of Houdini, joined Mrs. Houdini in the inner circle.

As Dr. Saint said during the sance, "This is a Houdini night, with the spotlight of the public on Houdini; with the whole world paused to see or hear Houdini step on this side of the curtain."

Before Houdini died, he arranged a definite test of spiritualism. He devised a ten-word code which he planned to use to communicate with his wife, if possible, within ten years after his death. October 31, 1936 was the final test, the final sance.

Included with this record is a 3page print out (from a 1955 magic magazine) with all the words to this Final Sance.

Whether your belief is in spiritualism or not, you will agree that this on-the-scene recording, and the mystery that surrounds the sance will leave a doubt in your mind whether the great Houdini returned. - $50.00


Distributed in 1939 by Magic Record Co., New York City.

This offering includes Volume 1 (three record LPs) and an fourth LP. Plus, the original album, which holds the LPs.

These, almost 10", records feature one effect on each side.

The four LPs contain the following effects:

#1"Mind Reading Trick (Coincidence)" -and- #2 "The Magic Name".

#102 "Card In Pocket" -and- #103 "Novel Discovery".

#104 "Coincidence" -and- #105 "The Grain of Wisdom".

#106 "The 'G' Man Card" -and- #107 "Revealo".

The record has a photo insert of Louis Zingone, himself.

All the above is the good news. The bad news is all LPs are cracked/broken, as can be seen in the photo's below.

Please click any 'thumbnail' photo to bring up the larger photo - then click your back arrow to return to this page.

The first photo shows the first two LPs, the second photo shows the other side of the LPs, which have been taped.

According to person, whom I purchased these from - the one side can still be played.

OK, back to the good news - in the past, when I've had Zingone LPs for sale, I had no trouble in selling them for $35.00each.

Had the LPs, in this offering, not been broken - I probably would have asked at least $150.00 for the lot.

Since this isn't the case, I will price this lot at $50.00(Four LPs -and- the album holder for the LPs)

2554-6565) ABRACADABRA is my game. With Duke Stern.

As the back cover states:

"CAUTION: This record may change your life. It contains complete instructions for 11 fantastic effects, currently being used by top professional magicians & mentalist, using cards, coins, books & dominoes, that you can do any place, any time without special skill's or equipment. Perplexing, mystifying and above all entertaining!"

SIDE ONE: Magicians Choice - Hidden Coins - 1089 - I Have As Much As You-Plus - Face To Face - One Ahead

SIDE TWO: Color Separation - Card Clock - Pocket Prediction - Domino Dilemma - Cheap Sheep Thieves

No date given, but I'm going to guess the LP was released back in the 1970s.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to have seen Duke perform time and time again over the years, what a treat to be able to offer his LP Record.

Since the LP is still sealed and unopened, in its cello wrap, I'm going to assume it's in Mint Condition. - $35.00


Published monthly by Peter Warlock in Bramcote, England.

Magazines measure approx. 7 1/2"x10"

A total of 159 issues and 7 Index's make up a Complete File.

This offering is missing only three issues and one Index.

Those few missing are:
Volume 3, #s 1 and 4
Volume 7, #8
Index for Volume One

There were no index's issued for Volumes 8 thru 14.

Most issues are in Near Mint/Mint condition and have 8pages each.

Some of the best minds, of the 1940s and 1950s, contributed MAGIC and MENTALISM to this GREAT run of magazines. - $300.00(for everything)

2556-6258) THE GEISHA BOY Movie Lobby Card Set

This offering is for all eight Lobby Cards from this Wonderful 1958 movie starring Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald and Sessu Hayakawa.

Each card measures 11"x14".

All Lobby Cards have small pin holes (and I mean VERY SMALL), which is to be expected.

Please click on the ThumbNail photos, below, to bring up the larger photos, for a better view.

I'm using the photos provided, to me, by the person whom I purchased these from.

I noted, after receiving the Lobby Cards, the seller must have carefully trimmed off the excess brown backing paper, which can be seen in three of the Lobby Cards below.

First Lobby Card, in Row 2, is missing a small portion from the right border. Of course, if framed, this wouldn't show.

Each Lobby Card comes in its own protective 100% Pure Virgin Polyethylene bag. - $100.00/(for all 8)

2557-7846) How To Operate A Financially Successful HAUNTED HOUSE

Written by Philip Morris and Dennis Phillips

Copyright 1980 by Morris Costumes, Inc.

These experts tell you everything you need to know about how to operate a financially successful Haunted House.

Includes tips on advertising, promotion, design, safety and how to create alarming special effects for your Haunted House.

The Content Page has been reproduced, below, for ease in reading.

SpiralBound with 101 pages.

Book measures approx. 8 1/2"x11".

Better buy this now and get a jump on Halloween, for this book will be Long Gone and sold by then!! - $45.00

2558-7156) THE MINIATURE HAUNTED HOUSE by The Great Leon

Do It Yourself Plans, Patter and Complete Routine.

Copyright 1960 and published by the Ireland Magic Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Contents Include:

The House
Special Properties
Performance and Patter
Further Suggestions and Ideas
Some Further Effects

CombBound with 34pages. Book measures approx. 8 1/2"x11".

Don't wait to try and find this book around Halloween, purchase it now, so you can start building this Wonderful Haunted House. - $45.00
Quality Collector's Magic by
The Stephen A. Sparks Collection

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