Al Schneider Chicago Area Coin/Close-up Seminar 10/19/08

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Al Schneider Chicago Area Coin/Close-up Seminar 10/19/08

Postby Tom Dobrowolski » October 13th, 2008, 9:10 am

You say you can't make evening lectures? On Sunday, October 19th, from 9a.m. until Noon, Midwest Magic is proud to present:


In 1961 Al Schneider created a trick called Matrix. ... Since then Al has worked with all kinds of magic initially focusing on stand-up and parlor, and ultimately becoming one of the finest close-up workers alive.
We are proud to have this ICON of coin magic join us.
Someone everyone knows but does not make many appearances.
Someone who is an expert on the theory of magic AND has the chops to back that up.
Someone who cares more about teaching the RIGHT way to do something rather than quickly demonstrate some flashy routines and moves.
We are proud and excited to have none other than the LEGENDARY AL SCHNEIDER return to Midwest Magic!

Al will be conducting a SPECIAL THREE HOUR,
This hands-on seminar is devoted to the mastery of high skill manipulation. In a sense this means manipulation that does not appear as manipulation. In essence this means moving beyond moves and into an area where reality is created in the minds of the audience. This class begins with the Al Schneider Vanish. Here the student acquires the ability to create reality. From there Al covers some of his favorite moves. At this point the student can select one of several options. If a student has already mastered something presented, the student can move on as each student is essentially on their own path. If a student has a particular interest, that can be accommodated. Bring half dollars, a half dollar sized copper, deck of cards, handkerchief.
Sometime during the class Al will introduce some of his recent developments. Two include:
Special Export--This is a coin across routine. It is the culmination of 36 years of study of coins across routines. It is beautiful. Al considers it to be a perfect coin across routine.
Haloz--A close-up ring routine done with bracelets. Your wife or girlfriend can wear them. When the time comes you can borrow them from her and perform an elegant routine guaranteed to please.
Al has agreed to a special seminar price of $30 for three hours of personal instruction!
Midwest Magic will also be offering his FOUR DVD SET, THE AL SCHNEIDER TECHNIQUE, at a special HALF PRICE SALE.
Instead of the regular price of $34.95 per DVD, we will offer the entire set of four for only $69.95! To take advantage of this deal, call (847) 455-4288 and register today!

Midwest Magic, 9706 Franklin Av., Franklin Park, Illinois

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