The New Tops...a limited time offer!

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The New Tops...a limited time offer!

Postby Todd Karr » September 30th, 2008, 7:07 pm

Hi, everyone!

I loved reading The New Tops as a kid, so it's a pleasure to announce our release of the digitized New Tops! Order this week and save $15, too.

It's a gigantic collection: OVER 20,000 PAGES of material! All 34 volumes of The New Tops are included, over 400 issues. It's so big, we had to burn the files onto DVD instead of CDs. The pages are fully searchable, making them easy for research and browsing.

You'll get over three decades of fascinating articles, news, artwork, and effects from some of magic's most legendary names: Don Alan, Neil Foster, Karrell Fox, Phil Goldstein, U. F. Grant, Stewart James, Sid Lorraine, Ed Marlo, Robert Nelson, Jon Racherbaumer, Nick Trost, and lots more.

Packed with valuable information and techniques you won't find anywhere else, The New Tops will bring you hour after hour of enjoyment and be one of your favorite reference sources. Among the easily-navigable contents, you'll find Stewart James' and U.F. Grant's inventions, Ed Marlo's card work, Karrell Fox's comedy bits, Robert Nelson's mental magic, hundreds of other effects, plus reviews, interviews, and biographies of late-twentieth century magicians. A complete treasure trove of techniques and information!

Order your complete collection of The New Tops for $60 (regular $75). We pay the shipping worldwide!

Visit The Miracle Factory to see complete details!

And we've received our first copies of The Shakespeare Experiment, too! It's a thing of beauty. The color frontispiece and royal blue bookmark ribbon look superb!

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory

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