Professionally Scripted Routine

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Professionally Scripted Routine

Postby zRam » September 15th, 2008, 10:13 pm

For Sell: Professionally Scripted Routine

Mike Caveneys Hand Juggling. Brand new opened but not used. Comes with 3 Arms, rubber nose, DVD, gloves and special carrying case, plus an extra set of High Quality after market gloves, and wrap.

An Obviously great Stand-up or Stage routine, but would make a tremendous crowd building Festival or Street routine. The visual is so engaging and funny that you would probably have to hire someone to help you count your earnings.

From the Caveney website: Super-long arms turn a simple juggling lesson into 6 minutes of non-stop laughs. Here is every word of patter and all the props necessary for this reputation-making routine. Includes three custom-made, mannequin-arm juggling clubs, a pair of juggling gloves, a rubber nose guard and a handbag perfect for carrying all the props This is a rare chance to purchase a completely original, audience tested routine. The props that you will receive are ready to go if you will be wearing a black coat. Two of the arms are outfitted with black tuxedo sleeves. The third arm is wearing a sleeve made from a gaudy material which suits the patter. The gloves supplied will match the black sleeves.

New from Caveney it is $864 delivered. Im selling it for $664, a substantial savings.

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