Living Marionettes

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Allen Tipton
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Living Marionettes

Postby Allen Tipton » September 1st, 2008, 5:27 am

I am trying to trace the originator of Living Marionettes. These are puppets' bodies attached to a human head and their arms & feet operated by rods.
I first came across them in a book from my schooldays in 1947: One Man Show by Wm. J Bagley. Bill Stickland detailed the fit up in his book Introducing Bill's Magic( IBM)published by Supreme Magic Co. who also had them in a puppet book, 'Lilliputians', by Will Ayling.
Another friend is sending me 2 pics of David Devant actually performing them; one from backstage!

The earliest review I have traced was a couple performing in Australia in 1908 and the fit up, a small stage with back curtains which has a slit which the operators thrust their heads.

Professor Hoffman in later editions (the Appendix) which not in my 2nd edition) of Modern Magic had a chapter with an illustration of one puppet as used by the famous or infamous Dr. Lynn around 1876. The Professor thought they were copied by Dr.Lynn( who readily helped himself to other people's material..the old story!)from a Frenchman.
My friend Jean Regil & his friend Hjalmar in France gave me the names of 2 French magicians( one a Compte) brothers who performed with them BUT are these two the creators?

Any ideas please guys?

Allen Tipton UK

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Andrew Pinard
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Re: Living Marionettes

Postby Andrew Pinard » September 1st, 2008, 6:15 pm

Hey Allen:

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