Dunninger and David Hoy

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Dunninger and David Hoy

Postby Todd Karr » August 16th, 2008, 6:08 pm

Hi, everyone

You'll find two of your favorite mentalists, Dunninger and David Hoy, on the latest releases from our audio branch, Phantom Gramophone!

The Dunninger: Airwave Mentalism CD has SIXTEEN programs featuring Dunninger and his superb question and answer techniques. You get a dozen Dunninger the Master Mentalist radio shows from 1944, including several that have never before been collected in any Dunninger compilation. You'll also receive four additional radio shows guest-starring Dunninger. In all, more than seven hours of Dunninger broadcasts!

Our other new CD is David Hoy: The E.S.P. Lectures, which collects his three rare LPs of material on mind power and live recordings of predictions and fielding questions. It's a valuable source for the mentalist with over two hours of his talks on the subconscious, dreams, awareness, telepathy, meditation, and precognition. These rare recordings show us Hoy working with his audience as an expert on the mysteries of the mind, making predictions, and handling questions from his audience.

Mentalists and magicians alike will love these rich sources of insights into mindreading for the public and their valuable lessons in mentalism presentation!

Dunninger: Airwave Mentalism is available now at the introductory price of only $15 (regular $20) for ALL SIXTEEN PROGRAMS. We pay the shipping in the U.S. And David Hoy: The E.S.P. Lectures is only $20.

Visit The Miracle Factory to see full details of the CDs, packaged with beautiful covers and full-color labels. The Dunninger special's only good for a week, so order now!

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