derren brown: become a mind reader - 10 p

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derren brown: become a mind reader - 10 p

Postby puppeteer » August 12th, 2008, 2:17 pm

hallo everybody,
i am newbie. my question is: is it possible 2 perform the same trick as d. brown did in the scene "become a mind reader - 10 p". he introduced a girl in how 2 read someones mind and she made it figuering out the name of someones relative. so at least i am keen 2 find out a word / name or whatever someone is just thinking about without let him write down something (or do other physical stuff).

so: is something like that possible or did d. brown use actors in that act? if it is possible: where can i learn it (which book)?

thanx for answers in advance



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Matthew Field
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Re: derren brown: become a mind reader - 10 p

Postby Matthew Field » August 14th, 2008, 12:54 pm

Hi, puppeteer.

I would think that you've got the wrong board for this type of qiestion. I doubt if Derren used an actor (stooge) for the trick because he does not do this sort of thing.

As to his method. it is unlikely anyone here will give you mthods for tricks.

If you're really interested in this sort of thing, go to a magic shop (or go online) to purchase Corinda's book "13 Steps to Mentalism" and take it from there. Annemann's "Practical Mental Magic" is another place to start, available from Amazon.

It took Derren many years to work up to the level of experetise he has achieved. Read his "Tricks of the Mind", available in paperback as an import from Amazon and others, to learn more about him and his methods. Becoming a good mentalist will take you some work.

Matt Field
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Re: derren brown: become a mind reader - 10 p

Postby naquada » August 14th, 2008, 5:23 pm

you have also asked this question in exactly the same way on most forums on the internet...

I'd advise you like Matt had said... try 13 steps to mentalism, annemanns practical mental magic or similar.. thy have everything you need to know...

they are 2 good places to start...
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