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Mesika Magic: Spider Pen Pro

Postby YigalMesika » August 11th, 2008, 7:57 pm

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank those of you who had a chance to stop by our booth at the IBM/SAM 2008 combined convention in Louisville, KY and pre-ordered our new Spider Pen Pro. Unfortunately we were only able to take pre-orders on 100 pieces, and have since then completely sold out. So, if you were one of the lucky folks to order the item in time, you should be receiving your unit in the next couple weeks.

We will be posting a video of the convention as well, so that everyone can view a demo of the product, however it will not be ready until after we have replenished our supply, and the item is available for sale once again.

Since 2004, the Original Spider Pen has been an incredible success with magicians all around the world; introducing the idea to the magic community. There have been many improvements in technology from its initial release though, which have otherwise allowed me to implement new, advanced features that would not have been available at that time. This is why I have decided to include them in my new Spider Pen Pro.

The big additions on the new Spider Pen Pro are a power saving function with a longer-lasting battery, plus a remote control and toe-switch feature. With the toe-switch, you will be able to remotely perform with hands free operation over 30 ft. away; all the while with no suspicious movements or hand gestures. This will allow you to focus on your performance, instead of where your thread is located. Levitate a dollar bill or other small object; making it raise or fall under your command. Or, try our new "Dancing Effect" feature, and have it jump up and down as though it were possessed (much like Fred Kaps' dancing cork or Kevin James' floating rose).

Like our Original Spider Pen, the Spider Pen Pro also uses the same Spider Spools which many online retailers already carry. Just place one spool one top of the pen, and you're ready to perform.

As I mentioned before, the pre-orders for the Spider Pen Pro have completely sold out, though we will certainly keep you updated as to when they will be ready for sale once more. Here's an ad that we created for the item, and should answer a lot of your questions, though you can always email us through the website at: http://www.YigalMesika.Com

Yigal Mesika

P.S.: For those of you who were at the convention, it would be much appreciated if you might be able to give your sincere, initial opinions on the Spider Pen Pro for those who missed it.

The advertisement may by viewed by visiting this link:

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