Best Linking Rings Ever!!

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Best Linking Rings Ever!!

Postby Jolly Roger » July 21st, 2008, 5:02 pm

For many years I have performed the linking rings for both adults and children. I have had many different sets of rings in my time, but I have just received the best set ever, and I have to post and tell you they are amazing!! They were a special order from Cliff Wiggs

I had a previous set that was made by Cliff, and supplied through Doug Tilford, and I have used those for a couple of years and loved them. However, this new set is far superior. They are actually even lighter, wider, shinier, and are 15 ins!! I ordered a set of six with a locking ring, but Cliff will custom your order. The locking ring is fantastic and undetectable.

I am so excited about these rings, and will be putting them in my shows this week. JR

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