"You might be a magician if..."

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Seb Talbot
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"You might be a magician if..."

Postby Seb Talbot » July 12th, 2008, 2:13 am

hey there,
heres a funny list I saw somewhere on facebook.
Thought some of you might enjoy it!



You might be a magician if

1. Your best pickup line is "Pick a card."

2. You use the word "effect" rather than "trick".

3. You pay $50 for a $1 coin.

4. A "shell" is not something found on a beach.

5. All your friends call you when magic is on TV.

6. You never play card games with your cards.

7. While watching a movie or TV, you have cards in your hands.

8. You pose for a photo with one eyebrow raised!

9. You pay $60.00 for a book and get, possibly, one or two useful things out of it and you're happy.

10. Your Christmas/Birthday wish list looks like a magic catalogue.

11. If you've ever been asked the question "can you make my wife disappear"?

12. Youre back-ordered for rabbits and doves at the pet store.

13. 75% of your patter consists of lame one-liners.

14. You drive 300 miles round trip to visit a teeney-tiny store.

15. You have over 100 responses to the phrase "How did you do that?"

16. Theres a pack of cards in sight as you read these words.

17. You're holding a fan of cards in every photo that you're in.

18. You actually want to go to a lecture.

19. You record every magic special on TV.

20. You have a tie with playing cards on it.

21. You get emotional when shuffling a new deck. (So true!)

22. Anytime you see someone you want to meet, you start rolling a coin or doing one-handed shuffles with a deck.

23. You have more than three decks of cards on you at any given time.

24. Your idea of the perfect proposal is Copperfields 'Rose to Ring'

25. You think David Blaine sucks (cmon how true is this!!!).

26. The post office calls to tell you that you have ANOTHER package in.

27. Your entire friends name starts with "The Amazing" or "The Great".

28. After viewing magic on TV, everyone in the room looks at you asks, "How'd they do that"? And, all you do is smile and say, "It's really easy if you think about it, but magicians can't tell." And you're really thinking "How the heck did they do that"?

29. You have your local magic shop on speed dial.

30. You can lose your thumb and you visit the magic shop instead of the emergency ward.

31. You pay to see a lecture, buy a written version of what was just demonstrated to you, and then buy a manufactured version of something in the notes.

32. You know who Brad Christian is and you always wonder if hes gay or not.

33. You have so much magic stuff in your room that its considered a fire hazard.

34. You have more elastic bands than a stationary shop.

35. You spend hours trying to rearrange the letters in your name to use on stage (only to come back years later using your real name).

36. You've thought of bringing your topit or pull to class on exam day incase you need to make an "emergency vanish".

37. You don't mind kissing a dove.

38. It really matters to you how someone shuffles your deck.

39. You expect people to think it's magic when it took you half an hour to set up.

40. You own a top hat, cape and cane and have never gone to the opera.

41. You began demonstrating the mysteries of ancient China at the age of 9.

42. Someone actually hands you a fork and says please bend this.

43. You say 'hows tricks?' to a friend and get a 2 hour lecture.

44. You pretended to be insane just to get the straight jacket.

45. You can say "I will now penetrate ..." with a straight face.

46. "Bikes and Hos" is not a funny phrase to you.

47. You spend the most money on things that other people arent allowed to see.

48. The majority of your English papers are about magic.

49. You have one or more chipped teeth from biting the wrong quarter.

50. You never throw out old decks because you "can make something out of it".

51. You carefully watch a card-playing scene in a movie only to see what kind of cards theyre using.

Just for the male magicians:

Your girlfriend knows the sound of riffled cards over the phone.

You see an attractive woman and think if she will suit your act.

Magic turns you on more than women do.

You spend more time in front of a mirror than your girlfriend does.

You show your girlfriend the same trick everyday insisting that "I've improved it greatly".

You are the only one of your male friends that has a nice "silk collection".

You ask every waitresses you meet "do you have a minute?"

Mats Kjellstrom
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Re: "You might be a magician if..."

Postby Mats Kjellstrom » July 14th, 2008, 1:57 pm

Im on Facebook, you can add me if you are a true magician: search for: Mats Kjellstrom.

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David Thomas
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Re: "You might be a magician if..."

Postby David Thomas » July 17th, 2008, 8:38 pm

Geez there were only 10 that I haven't experienced! Wow! Hilarious list. Great job.

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Re: "You might be a magician if..."

Postby CardioloJest » July 23rd, 2008, 12:30 pm

VERY funny!
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