IBM/SAM convention: 2 registrations and Galt.

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IBM/SAM convention: 2 registrations and Galt.

Postby stuart » July 6th, 2008, 11:44 pm

We paid $395 for each registration. The last time I checked, it had gone up to $595 for each one.

We are asking for what we paid for the registration plus the $25 transfer fee (for each registration) which is charged by the convention. Total cost to you for the two reservations is $840, a savings of $350.

I also have a reservations at the convention hotel which I have not canceled yet. It is my understanding that all reservations have been sold out at the Galt, the convention hotel, and another hotel is being used to house the late comers. I do not know if the Galt will allow me to change the name on the registration but if you want me to, I will try.

Two happy family events have changed our travel priorities.

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