Books on props

A place where beginners can participate, ask questions, and post their views. However, beginners typically ask a lot of questions about sources, tricks, books, and so on. In fact, all magicians are interested (or should be) in the provenance of tricks, ideas, and related matters. This department will service these needs.
Duane Williams
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Books on props

Postby Duane Williams » May 18th, 2008, 11:18 pm

I was wondering is there any books out there that might have photos and names of props made over the years by certain companies or people. Like the bible or collectors guide of tricks. Abbotts,Mac Magic,Supreme magic etc... I am not talking Ron Cartlidge books but something in the range. Maybe like company name, year, how many versions of the trick?

George Olson
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Re: Books on props

Postby George Olson » May 19th, 2008, 12:08 pm

My dream book as a kid was "Illustrated Magic" by Otakar Fischer (sp). There is a double truck in the middle of the book with photos of many many gimmacks and items. I knew that if had all of these I would be the greatest magician of all time. I'd spend hours pouring over those pictures in the library.

Find a copy of the book and maybe you'll get the same good feeling I always get.

Dream on...


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